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Will Freeh bungle Penn State child-sex abuse investigation too?

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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh now to investigate Penn State child-sex abuse allegations.
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By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report,


OKLAHOMA CITY – More than two weeks after the public began
to learn of the child-sex abuse allegations against former Penn State assistant
football coach Jerry Sandusky, we learn that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, now in the private sector, has been hired to uncover the truth about horrific child-sex abuse crimes in State College, Pennsylvania.

Freeh, you may recall, served as FBI director during the Clinton administration and was in
leadership spot during the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah building bombing. Now that Freeh has
been "tapped to lead Penn State's investigation into the child-sex abuse
allegations" against Sandusky, and perhaps others, with information
allegedly stretching back to 1975, Red Dirt Report wonders if Penn State really wants this crime to be solved and their questions to be answered.

As reported today, Freeh said: "I will personally lead that investigation. The special committee has hired my law firm to conduct a fair and independent investigation." 

Good luck getting to the truth, Penn State. Given Freeh's lousy reputation as a crimefighter - and not surprisingly, former Pennsylvania Attorney General and current Gov. Tom Corbett gives Freeh a big thumbs up - you would think Penn State would stay far, far away from Freeh, unless Freeh is expected to bungle, cover up and obfuscate while pretending to expose the crimes against children there in the Keystone State. We hope he is there to do the right thing by those victimized by Sandusky and others.

People at Penn State - also known as "Happy Valley"
- have known about Sandusky's crimes and have covered for him and
ousted, godlike Coach Joe Paterno. Note this article in the Beaver County Times
which, back in April, was shouting from the rooftops about Sandusky and
note that "But there's no shortage of stories and rumors about Penn
State football sweeping problems under the rug."

Freeh, we must note, is an interesting – and controversial –
choice. Yes, controversy seemed to stick to Freeh like crazy glue throughout
the 1990’s. First, there was Freeh’s coverup of the 1992 Ruby Ridge travesty.
Another big one involved the fallout from Waco, which spilled over into Freeh’s
tenure, another botched event and subsequent cover-up. Freeh has a lot to
answer for.

While Freeh is viewed as incompetent, he and his underlings
were effective in covering up and/or ignoring major crimes and controversies
over the years that he was charged to protect the American people. As Charles
R. Smith wrote of Freeh at in 2002: “FBI Director Louis Freeh
oversaw the longest run of FBI public disasters in its entire history” with
Freeh transforming the FBI “from a federal law enforcement agency into a
political joke.”

Think about it. Freeh was in charge during the “500 missing
FBI files” incident, the Unabomber case, the Wen Ho Lee/Los Alamos files espionage
case, the Montana Freemen showdown, the shoot down of TWA Flight 800  in 1996 and so on. Do you feel you have more
answers or fewer answers on those incidents and tragedies? Think about it.

Oh, and did you know Freeh was appointed FBI director in
July 1993, the day before Vincent Foster’s body was found in Fort Marcy Park?, The prior director, William Sessions, was ousted by Attorney General Janet Reno in the wake of the
Waco disaster – a disaster Freeh would fail to fully investigate, according to

In a September 2000 article in Business Week, writer Howard Gleckman, in a piece titled “The Case Against
Louis Freeh
,” the article absolutely blasts the director, who was still in
charge at that time.

Writes Gleckman: “The man (Freeh) has overseen a bureau that
has bungled investigations of high-profile criminal cases and repeatedly misled
probers and judges in legal proceedings – never more shamelessly than in the
matter of Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee. At the same time, Freeh’s FBI has
tried to run roughshod over the civil liberties of ordinary citizens, demanding
access to encryption codes and elbowing its way onto every PC in the country
through its Carnivore project.”

Remember, that was written 11 years ago – and one year
before 9/11.

And for those of us here in Oklahoma City, still
from the effects of the bombing more than 16 years later, to learn that
FBI Director Freeh is leading an investigation into a major crime which
may involve
connections to many other people, well, don’t hold your breath folks. He
had an opportunity to do the right thing by the victims of the bombing
and he opted not to do the right thing and bring the real criminals to

In fact, the idea that Freeh will uncover anything of substance –
good luck, Penn State scandal truthseekers – is an absolute joke. For instance,
Freeh was exposed as knowing a lot more about the details of who was involved
in the bombing, far beyond Timothy McVeigh. Be sure to check out the upcoming
release of Free Mind Films’ explosive documentary, A Noble Lie.

As exposed by the late J.D. Cash, an investigative reporter
with the McCurtain Daily Gazette, Freeh
and the FBI allegedly knew of a bomb plot and the activities of German intelligence contact
and Neo-Nazi infiltrator Andreas Strassmeir at Elohim City in Adair County,
Oklahoma. And what of Larry Potts, a leading FBI investigator? Freeh
made sure Potts, his number two guy, rose in the ranks, yet what does Freeh think about
accusations made against Potts, a villain linked to numerous botched cases? This includes comments by the late Timothy McVeigh, executed for his role in the bombing, who
said Potts - involved in Ruby Ridge and Waco - knew him well and was forcing the former soldier-turned-radical to "go off script" and that McVeigh's accomplice, Terry Nichols, said the bombing was an "FBI op," as noted by a hard-hitting 2007 article in Utah's Deseret News.

As for "Andy the German" Strassmeir, much of his role in the "FBI op" was revealed in
a January 1996 memo Freeh sent out to senior FBI field agents which noted the Southern Poverty
Law Center/FBI joint sting operation at Elohim City, Okla. was being handled in the days
prior to the bombing.

As Cash reported, while Freeh’s FBI put up border guards on
the Mexican border to pick up Strassmeir for questioning in regards to his
links to Elohim City and McVeigh, Strassmeir managed to slip through their fingers. The teletype, obtained via an FOIA request,
was heavily redacted but reveals that FBI Director Freeh knew a lot more about the
Oklahoma City bombing case than the public was led to believe. Why did Freeh
allow Strassmeir to flee the U.S. and go back to Germany without being
questioned about his role in the lead-up to the Oklahoma City bombing, the
biggest domestic terror attack up to that time in history? Wouldn't Strassmeir's knowledge of McVeigh and "others unknown" have been useful to the federal investigation into the April 19, 1995 bombing here in Oklahoma City that killed 168 and wounded many others?

As Cash wrote, in a piece posted in 2005 at
“The Freeh teletype also discusses an allegedly close relationship McVeigh had
with a subject living at Elohim City, a person who, the teletype says, spoke
with McVeigh only two days before the bombing.”

Continuing, Cash, and co-writer Roger Charles note: “That information, Freeh
said, was from an informant who was working for the Southern Poverty Law Center
– a tax-exempt civil rights group co-founded by Morris Dees.”

It was Freeh's FBI that gathered up all the videotapes after the Oklahoma City bombing. Where are those tapes now, Mr. Freeh?

The FBI crime labs under Freeh were accused by an FBI whistleblower that
evidence in OKBOMB had been tainted. And Freeh punished him, sending a chilling message to other potential whistleblowers. And yet Penn State, certainly knowing
Freeh’s background and history, wants him to do an independent investigation
into this serious case at Penn State, which some have reported may include
Sandusky’s involvement in “pimping out” children to wealthy Penn State donors?

Freeh’s predecessor, William S. Sessions, was FBI director when Ruby Ridge
and Waco happened and was in charge when accusations arose against powerful
people and institutions in the late 1980’s and early 1990's regarding pedophile rings leading up to the top rungs
of American political power, something some independent researchers claim goes on to this day. The 2005 "Gannon-gate" episode, as noted by reporter Wayne Madsen, was reminiscent of the 1989 pedophile and prostitution scandal linked to the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. And interestingly, that scandal seems reminiscent of what we are seeing unfold at Penn State, if the allegations of Sandusky "pimping" kids out to wealthy school donors are indeed true, as reported by sports journalist Mark Madden.

The FBI seems to be more interested in crisis
management and cover up than in actually solving serious crimes, as we have seen time and again. 

When Red Dirt Report first learned
that Freeh was hired by Penn State to investigate the Sandusky child-sex abuse case
as an independent investigator, we thought about some of our sources who are
still upset with Freeh for allegedly covering up so many aspects of what
happened prior, during and after the Oklahoma City bombing. This includes the
murders of Oklahoma City Police Officer Terry Yeakey and prisoner Kenneth
, killed while in federal custody in the wake of the OKC bombing, in what his brother Jesse Trentadue believes was a case of
mistaken identity.That happened on Freeh and Reno's watch.

Red Dirt Report is very skeptical
of Freeh and whether or not he will really find out anything of consequence and
if he does, be on the alert that if it involves very powerful and influential

Think about it. It was at the end of his tenure that Freeh, a devout Roman Catholic and
rumored to be linked with the shadowy Opus Dei organization, dramatized in Dan
Brown’s Catholic Church-linked conspiracy thriller The DaVinci
, was revealed as actually attending the same church as
devoted Opus Dei Catholic and FBI agent-turned-spy Robert Hanssen. Freeh notes in
his bio My FBI: Bringing Down the Mafia, Investigating
Bill Clinton and Fighting the War on Terror
, that he didn’t know that Hanssen, a
fellow parishioner at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Great Falls, Va., was up to
no good and selling us out to the Russians and earning Hanssen the infamous name “the most damaging spy in history.” Somehow, the big ones tend to get by Freeh. Hmmm.

Interestingly, exactly six months prior to the terror attacks of 9/11/01,
some pamphleteers critical of Freeh and his cover up of the 1993 “holocaust” of
Branch Davidians near Waco, Texas appeared outside his church. While the critics of Freeh and his FBI were angrily driven off
the church property by the priest, the somewhat rambling pamphlet notes accuses
Freeh of being a “conspirator in the murder of the Branch Davidians, an
accessory after the fact.”

Perhaps Louis Freeh has learned a lot since those crazy days of the 1990’s.
Perhaps he has had time to reflect on his career and the crimes he was charged
with investigating, on behalf of the American people.

But we're not sure, given his awful record in
tracking down the real criminals in numerous high-profile cases. As one person who lost  several family members in the Oklahoma City bombing told us this afternoon of Freeh and
his new assignment at Penn State, "(Freeh) screwed up here and he's
going to screw up there." There aren't many fans of Freeh back here in
Oklahoma. We hope folks in Pennsylvania take that into account as their
"independent investigation" is launched.

For the sake of the victims at Penn State and those
who are extraordinarily upset and outraged about what took place there
for many, many years, we truly hope Louis Freeh uncovers the truth and
that the despicable Jerry Sandusky - and others - are ultimately brought
to justice.

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