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Tucson NSA 'fortress' under scrutiny

Bryan Mitchell
Suspected militarized NSA hub under construction (before and after).
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Posted: November 30, 2011

Tucson NSA 'fortress' under scutiny: Will a Tucson-based 'fortress' under renovation be linked to a secretly known, yet undisclosed catastrophic event?

TUCSON, Ariz. -- An existing concrete poured reinforced
building originally engineered to be a bank in 1972 has been designated
Tucson's NSA's central intelligence hub. Its location is said to be for the preparation
to a predicted catastrophic event. This event is predicted, however not
specifically defined. "It could be anything catastrophic" they
announce, and the fear is mounting upon every article that posts.

There is a suspected militarized infrastructure being erected under the noses
of Tucson residents. The city was epicenter to a mass murder involving a member
of the U.S. Congress, in which the murder of a federal judge took place in early January of 2011.

The object of this article is to begin to illustrate a
significant aspect of what is perhaps being hidden from public knowledge before
its very eyes. This is a complex subject in which several articles will follow.
Rather than intimidate the reader with an influx of background informational
facts that leads to this story at hand, let this study of one particular
building renovation project currently under construction in planning since 2004
exemplify the activities that parallels similar projects throughout the United States.
It is as a clear example of federalization and installment of installations
converted from acquired properties. This is the continuation of the military- industrial

In Tucson, Arizona, there seems to be a militarized infrastructure logistically
planned along a rather straight north to southerly tract. Locally, this polar
line begins continues on a local level in Pima County at Steward Observatory on top of Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina
Mountains (directly north of Tucson) and passes down linking the Jewish
Community Center, the Gabrielle Giffords newly located democratic district office,
the largest park in Tucson 'Randolph Park', the Valley National Bank building
now acquired by means of the tireless work of the County Administrator, Chuck Huckleberry,
for the National Security Agency (NSA) which is juxtaposed to the park, the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in which Gabrielle Giffords is now recently formally attached, the growing Kino Medical
Plaza, and on down to Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

This logistical arrangement is in perfect linear alignment
that bisects the 33rd-degree parallel.  

We begin with a surface analysis of the NSA information hub based on what is
reported to the public. In an article posted on May 10, 2011, "Pima plans
new communications hub Midtown structure of 'Brutalism' style facing
demolition," by Tom Beal of the Arizona
Daily Star
, it is announced from a memo submitted to the county board of
supervisors by county administrator, Chuck Huckleberry, that he intends to
proceed with plans to tear down a 500-square-foot round building that once
served as the Valley National Bank's cafeteria. "That is the only place
on-site where an Emergency-Management operations center can be located."
The memo also said, "Demolition of this structure is necessary to minimize
risks associated with maintaining public-safety communications during an emergency."
This emergency, said county director of facilities management Reid Spaulding, that
the building, "... needs to withstand certain seismic and cataclysmic
events." Supporting statement by Valdez went on to say that he'd like to
save the round building, but "... we really need to have an emergency
operations center. It's vital we have it up and running."

The overall feel of the article was crafted with a spin in mind. This
diversional concept is embedded with historical value of the building rather
than identify what the ultimate agenda beyond the stated reason of the building
is really intended.   The question raised, if one looks at the remarks
made by officials is; what specific cataclysmic event are they referring to and
for what reason is this facility going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars?
What warrants this decision when nothing else but federal buildings are
designed to withstand 'some event' not validated anywhere for any specific
scientific reason?  It is based on speculation rooted in fear. In my opinion,
this is one convincing tactic implemented in order to acquire approval for non
affordable funding.

In a subsequent article posted in the Arizona
Daily Star
on August 3, 2011, "Pima County refuses to save 'Brutal'
architecture," reporter Rhonda Bodfield reports that almost 100 million
dollars is being used in an effort to overhaul communications throughout the
county which includes several communications towers. She continues on stating
that almost 15 million of it went to Sundt Construction for the building
currently under renovation. When the anticipated project comes online in 2014 [overall project] the communications center will
allow every police and fire agency in the county to communicate to one another,
but does not include the state and federal systems.

I'd like to interject a concept that may link to the actions taken for a
comprehensive communications system. It is alleged that former Pima County
Detective Cindy Butierrez working closely with a software project termed
"CopLink" is implicated in the Gifford's

"Congress on your Corner Massacre" as being very similar in appearance
and voice to Roxanna Green, the mother of Christina-Taylor Green who was
pronounced dead at the scene on January 8, 2011. The two women share near identical
voice characteristics and appear as if they could be identical twins. CopLink
is currently in use today and provides the same function as this proposed NSA intelligence

In my opinion, the local parameters of the communications systems
will be expanded and not be limited to Pima County, but instead encompass all
of state and federal systems. I also question a testimony by Drexel Heights Fire Chief Douglas Chappell, "When all hell
breaks loose, this place better be here, and it better work," and because
of a statement by activist Mark Mayer, who said, "The complex will end up
being akin to an 'industrial fortress' with a massive facade of masonry, to
accommodate security concerns and to guard against natural and terrorism
disasters. The design incorporates fencing to prevent any visual observation of
staff movement, security barriers to deter cars from crashing into the building,
and segregated parking to protect from any explosions.

These combined remarks expose questions which begs for appropriate answers as
to the over kill engineering design for not just this, but all federal
buildings. Why is this future event an immediate concern to a commercially dying
community? People are leaving Tucson in search of work today. Those listed in
the article admit that a catastrophic event is near. What credible scientific
entity or agency has made this southern Arizona prediction and why is it equally shared by so many people of 'official' standing?

It's a simple matter to divert rational thoughts while at the same time instill
fear to be awarded the millions upon millions of slave-driven money to get an
agenda followed through.

In an update addendum to "Giffords would do better to care for her people
in Tucson", it is very peculiar, but quite obvious as to why the local
newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star and
its web-based news subsidiary,
did not announce on Thanksgiving day on Thursday that Gabrielle Giffords was conducting a public relations maneuver at
Davis Monthan Air Force Base just south of the new service center dedicated and
named after her in recent months this year, 2011.

Other news services including the Associated Press shared
this news with the world, but not here in Tucson on Thanksgiving day. Could it
be that Giffords is being protected from scrutiny and kept safely away from the
public? Or, is she in alignment more so with the government's militia than the
people she represents? Question why she was not serving meals from her own

food bank. Question why she did not support the community of Tucson and
surrounding towns, but instead serve food from a Government facility.

The point made here is that there is a military build-up here
in Tucson and that Giffords is in support of it. Ron Barber returned to work as
reported on July 5 in an article in the Arizona
Daily Star
"For Barber, return to job will be test of recovery,"
by Tim Steller records Ron Barber as saying, "My first job will be to meet
with every one of the staff. I'm concerned about the workload they've been

Barber also hopes to resume his liaison work with the U.S. Border Patrol and
ranchers in the border area, as well as re-establishing his contacts with the
military installations in Southern Arizona.

But take special notice to the fact that since July, there
has been absolutely nothing said about Barber's interaction with the community
that requires the help of the elected lawmaker and community wonder woman Gabrielle Giffords. Ron Barber is not mentioned as
addressing issues of the community and for the community. His role is mainly
emphasized toward military protocols. Barber's priority was to 'visit' Ft.
Huachuca and surrounding military installations as well as the border police
also referred to as the well funded government tracking entity 'Border Patrol'.

Congresswoman Giffords did not visit Tucson to address any perplexing issues regarding
the economic crisis here. She is not making it a priority to help those in need
during the holiday season. Military personnel are quite content with their high
percent pay raises and no lacking of food. All she did was serve it up for the
camera, but she didn't make a show at the Community Food Bank that desperately
needs the assistance. Can it be more obvious why there is no mention of the problems
associated with the community food bank in the media while she is in Tucson?

Please consider the the links below to further your
introspection into this very

important relationship.

Resources and further reading regarding Gabrielle Giffords

Thanksgiving visit:



[Midtown structure of 'Brutalism' style facing demolition] May 10,




[Pima County refuses to save 'Brutal' architecture] Aug 3, 2011

The title clearly blames Pima County, but not differentiate between

the elected officials who actually perform the function of 'refusal

to save the architecture' and the neighbors and architectural

groups who attempted to save the building from being torn up and

acquired by Chuck Huckleberry's control. The inference is that all

of us made the decision when the decision was planned during the

middle of the last decade.


["Rep. Giffords shooting EXPOSED? Found to be fraud."]

This is Ed Chiarini's youtube comparison between Christina-Taylor

Green's supposed mother, Roxanna Green, and the former Pima County

detective, "Cindy" Butierrez, involved with the software

communications system "CopLink". There is a striking similarity in

appearance and a remarkable voice match between the two women.


[Giffords serves Thanksgiving meal at Ariz. base] Nov 24 or 25?

Davis Monthan Air Force Base (DMAB) service woman being interviewed

by news station KGUN 9 relates her experience while talking to

Gabrielle Giffords. She comments to Gabby that her appearance is

stronger, "you look stronger," and without quoting Gabrielle,

infers that she speaks in three word sentences. The servicewoman

says that her reply was, "I feel better." Giffords was noted in the

Diane Sawyer interview to never have strung more than two different

words together in a single sentence on ABC's 20/20 segment aired

Monday, November 14, 2011 which was taped in October. Could

Giffords have raced to three word sentences? During that interview,

she repeated the same word a multitude of times, but that did not

linguistically represent multi-faceted word combinations which

would make up conversational language. If she could, her handlers

would certainly capitalize on this as proof to the public that

Giffords is perfectly capable rather than vicariously slip the

notion that she does speak in full sentences.. the DM service woman

is not named. Take special note to the article that on the 24th,

this article is 'created' on the 24th, but was it televised and

aired for local view on Thursday?



[Giffords worker relieves day of shooting] January 19, 2011

Ron Barber is not a mere worker nor is he a volunteer. He is the

district director for a US Lawmaker. A volunteer is not in charge

of 'checking in on Fort Huachuca and other military installations

as priority'. Stated in this article is that he was on some sort of




[For Barber, return to job will be test of recovery] July 5, 2011

Also read the first segment in this series on Corruption in

Southern Arizona and Pima County:


This article appears prior to November 24 news that Gabrielle

Giffords will be making any public appearance. What happens is

this.. she makes an appearance, but it is not public. She is seen

only by news cameras in a non-public venue serving meals at Davis

Monthan Air Force Base. This information did not appear in her home

town where she resides and location of her district office's

newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star. She indeed performed a service

on Thanksgiving and it was announced everywhere else but here. This

service was not performed within the community to her constituents

as would be appropriate with regard to the "food bank" services

named in her honor, but instead her efforts offered at the side of

former astronaut and current husband, Mark Kelly, a 33rd degree

Freemason, to the military. It was unknown and unannounced whether

she would have been involved in a public relations activity on

Thanksgiving because it is accepted now that Giffords remains

hidden from public view. She enjoys book announcements and the

revenue that will be returned, network television public relations

appearances and holiday showings at military bases that are easily

manipulated (voice, scripts, actions) before entering the public

domain. A staged PR campaign at an air force base is ideal to keep

the public well away from her. The military personnel is expected

to act with confidence that any scrutiny expected by community

residents or independent press is averted and monitored in real

time under tight and restricted control.

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