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OKLAHOMA CITY – President Donald Trump has mulled the idea of nuclear war. He has. And his thoughts should alarm one and all as things get crazier on the Korean peninsula.

Recall it was in June 1950 - 67 years ago - that President Harry S. Truman (who has been coming up a lot lately - including this old Chicago song praising the 33rd president) - here and here and here. I don't think most students of history give Truman enough credit to the Independence, Missouri native who oversaw the dropping of two atomic bombs, the ending of World War II, and kicking off the war against Communist forces on the aforementioned Korean peninsula. 

And so now, in 2017, North Korea is getting increasingly belligerent as they develop nuclear weapons capable of reaching American territory.

So, with that in mind, one wonders what is going through Trump's head. He is certainly not as levelheaded as Harry Truman, but then Truman made some colossal mistakes, despite many Baby Boomers' fondness for the straight-talker from the Show-Me State.

Anyway, online sleuths came across a Playboy interview Donald Trump gave that magazine back in 1990. The first thing that stopped me cold was regarding the magazine’s question about Trump’s thoughts on nuclear war. Hang on to your hats … he comes out as full-on fascist …

“I’ve always thought about the issue of nuclear war; it’s a very important element in my thought process. It’s the ultimate, the ultimate catastrophe, the biggest problem this world has, and nobody’s focusing on the nuts and bolts of it. It’s a little like sickness. People don’t believe they’re going to get sick until they do. Nobody wants to talk about it. I believe the greatest of all stupidities is people’s believing it will never happen, because everybody knows how destructive it will be, so nobody uses weapons. What bullshit.

The bomb Harry Truman dropped on Hiroshima was a toy next to today’s. We have thousands of weapons pointed at us and nobody even knows if they’re going to go in the right direction. They’ve never really been tested. These jerks in charge don’t know how to paint a wall, and we’re relying on them to shoot nuclear missiles to Moscow. What happens if they don’t go there? What happens if our computer systems aren’t working? Nobody knows if this equipment works, and I’ve seen numerous reports lately stating that the probability is they don’t work. It’s a total mess.

And how would President Trump handle it?
He would believe very strongly in extreme military strength…

So, with Trump’s willingness to emulate Harry Truman – with a dash of Andrew Jackson and Mussolini added to the mix – we have much to worry about. Trump is truly dangerous and now we see, with this Alternet story, that “Trump is on course to get a hot war going with North Korea.” 

WIth my recent, occult observations related to "Harry Truman" Trump's baffling behavior and Twin Peaks:The Return, these developments are troubling.

We will be watching this closely, as we do many of the world events where war may break out. 

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