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Strange spherical object tumbles out of jet contrail over OKC

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Looking southeast from Uptown 23rd district in Oklahoma City. This jet is on the same path the earlier jet was on when the object was spotted.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Jet contrails have been filling the Oklahoma City skies this week, the hot engine exhaust hitting that cold, cold air high in the atmosphere (and don’t get me started on the chemtrails controversy …). 

So, while eating lunch at Guernsey Park earlier this past Tuesday, around 11:15 a.m., I glanced out the window, which faced east/southeast. From that vantage point I could see clear blue sky and the jets following a path from southwest to northeast, roughly. As I watched a jet fly high overhead, leaving a white contrail behind, the contrail dissipated and as it did, a very small, black object seemed to *pop* out of it and sort of fall toward the earth from a very high altitude. 

As this spherical object seemed to "drop" from this great height, the blue sky canvas behind it, it seemed to change color to a silvery white. Now, with the sun up, it could have caught the sunlight as it seemingly fell. 

The same day, a report out of San Bernardino, California noted a chunk of ice (sometimes called "blue ice") fell from the sky and crashed through the roof of a house in that city. The resident said the sound of it hitting his house was "like a bomb going off." 

As a side note, over the in Gatewood neighborhood, adjacent to where the office of Red Dirt Report is located, a resident over there reported to her online neighborhood commentary website Nextdoor that she heard a strange, loud and "annoying" sound coming from either above or nearby on the ground. It went on for a long time. And while some commenters left messages about "aliens" and "tin foil hats," others said they have heard this sound on other days and it bothers their pets. No source for the sound is found. Oh, and the woman who left the original comment said: "It was a loud droning. It literally sounded exactly like the alien ships in the War of the Worlds movie. And it lasted for hours. Without stopping."

In July 2016, Red Dirt Report interviewed a Gatewood resident who was hearing similar, strange sounds at night. And no source could be found then either. The mystery continues.


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