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Show-me state (Pt. 2)

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
The Missouri welcome sign as you enter the state from Oklahoma. In the nexus of weirdness.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – We are not sure where actor Rob Lowe was located when he and his sons – Matthew and John Owen – were in the Ozark Mountains, looking for Bigfoot (called a “wood ape” in the local vernacular) but we are intrigued with his story of having an unknown creature approach his camp “100 miles from the nearest town.”

Lowe shared his Ozark wood ape encounter with Entertainment Weekly recently, promoting his new show, The Lowe Files, which premieres on A&E on August 2nd. The story notes that he was either in Arkansas, Missouri or Oklahoma. And having spent a lot of time in the Ozarks over the years, I've sensed something in that ancient land, something unknown. There are many, many reports of anomalous, unknown creatures in those rugged, tree-covered mountains, which have many caves and caverns. Safe places to stay unknown and out of site.

In November 2015, Red Dirt Report did a story on the town of Binger, Oklahoma. It was here that we heard stories about strange creatures inhabiting some remote canyon areas near town, heard and seen by locals. The area, with its "mounds" (which inspired H.P. Lovecraft's horror story "The Mound") does have a certain "feeling" about it. Just like many locations in the Ozark Mountains where Rob Lowe was investigating the "wood apes."

This reporter has noted the high weirdness along the 94 degrees west longitude line, which essentially makes the border between Missouri and Kansas and Arkansas and Oklahoma.

And, in particular, we have taken an interest in the area where Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma (almost meet, but not quite) connect. Where Route 66 runs. And where the Spook Light is located, something I've written about for years. It's also the line of longitude that interested railroad magnate Arthur Stilwell, who created the Kansas City Southern Railroad. Red Dirt Report is planning a trip to Kansas City and going to investigate that (and our Harry S. Truman syncs) in coming weeks.

In my recent Dust Devil Dreams post "Show-me state," I note a dream that took place in this area - specifically, around Joplin, Missouri - involving a nuclear attack, not unlike the situation in 1983's The Day After, which took place, essentially, along the same longitudinal line.

I've been drawn to the 94th parallel for a long time. Think of the "Fouke monster" in Arkansas. The numerous Bigfoot reports I made in the early 2000's as a reporter in Louisiana. The Heavener runestones here in Oklahoma. And plenty of Bigfoot sightings here in the Sooner State. The creature is celebrated in Honobia, Oklahoma each year. And then there are all the UFO reports in the Grand Lake, Oklahoma area in the eastern part of the state.

There is the aforementioned "Spook Light." The Scammon, Kansas UFO case noted in The 37th Parallel (which intersects with 94 at Scammon, and across the border in the Lamar, Missouri area, where Truman was born). There is much to investigate here in Oklahoma and in neighboring areas. If you have a story, share it with us. 

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