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SAND DOOM: Beaver Dunes Park is home to some of Oklahoma’s most mysterious unexplained occurrences
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BEAVER, Okla. — In a state famous for its waving wheat and sweeping plains, Beaver Dunes Park is a true Okie anomaly.

Located a few miles outside Beaver, in Oklahoma's Panhandle, the sand dunes of this former state park resemble more Arabia than the Arbuckles, offering 520 acres of golden desert perfect for an afternoon of dune-buggy joyriding, as well as other outdoor activities in the surrounding areas such as fishing, hiking and camping.

There is a, however, a secret side to Beaver Dunes, one that even the locals are wont to speak of; a darker side that has been quietly dubbed the “Bermuda Triangle of Oklahoma.” A sacred land surrounded by and even built on top of ancient Native burial grounds, a number of unexplained occurrences that have happened are indicative of the area’s bizarre history, one that dates back to the 1500s.

According to well-versed legend, the notorious Spanish explorer and conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, always in search of gold, gold, and more gold, ignored the warnings of his Native American guides to avoid the dunes, only to have a handful of his men disappear in what has been described by the accompanying friar as “flashes of green light” and, by Coronado himself, “the work of the Devil.”

Welcome to what has been dubbed the Oklahoma's very own “Shaman’s Portal.”

Since that time, there have been numerous unverified claims of similar disappearances, as well as wild tales of hidden Spanish gold, vortices to an alternate dimension and, most popularly, the remnants of a crashed extraterrestrial vehicle of some sort, all, of course, unsubstantiated but wholly believed in by those that study and explore the paranormal and beyond.

While it is not exactly what the park, or town for that matter, wants to be known for, still, every year numerous explorers of the unexplained flock to the park, drawn in by the “eerie sensations” and “strange feelings” the park elicits, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the rumored green ghost lights, military men digging in the middle of the night or, most famously, an appearance by the notorious Men in Black, warning inquisitive campers about looking too deeply into the camp’s mysteries.

Supposedly, in February of 1995, a group of geologists from an unnamed Oklahoma university hiked to the area where the Portal is supposed to be and took numerous samples of the area, discovering such anomalies as constant electromagnetic interference and ionized soil cores.

With one online writer hypothesizing the portal is, to his belief, a buried UFO with its “star drive” still intact and running, there has actually been surprisingly very few recent personal pieces written about Beaver Dunes in the past 20 years; most articles and entries written about the tourist area instead recycle the same info time and time again.

With seemingly so little actually known about this legendary Oklahoma journey into the unexplained, it seems high time for a new expedition to come out to the camp and test these theories, both ancient and more recent, either professional or amateur. Luckily, the park was saved from closing when it fell out of government hands and into the city’s, allowing Beaver to take hold and manage it, preserving the legends for another generation. If the truth is out there, hopefully, they’ll soon find it.

For more information on Beaver Dunes Park, go here.

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