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October a busy month for UFO sightings in Oklahoma

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A UFO seen over Oklahoma City in 2012.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – October proved to be a very busy month when it comes to UFO sightings, according to the Washington state-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

SALLISAW: The first report came on October 3rd, when a witness in Sallisaw (Sequoyah County) was traveling on a road north of Sallisaw, in a rural area at night when the witness reported seeing a brilliant, emerald green object shaped like a disco ball, with small “mirrors” on the sides. At one point, the witness said the object “shined” a light directly at the vehicle the witness was driving.

The witness added that a friend saw something similar “years ago” along (Big) Sallisaw Creek near McCoy Ford Road. The witness said his sighting and the earlier sighting were in areas not far from one another. The witness also said it was on the same line of latitude. We would add that Sallisaw is on the mysterious 94 degrees west longitude, which we have written about here.

BROKEN ARROW: Heading east out of Broken Arrow on E. 71st Street, with Coweta (Wagoner County) as their destination, the witness told NUFORC that they and other witnesses saw a “black triangle UFO” with three white lights and one central red light in the center. It was hovering near the side of the road and was silent. It went from dead stop to high speed, much to their astonishment. The sighting took place at 10:40 p.m. on October 9th.

BARTLESVILLE: Three days later, on October 12th, a 44-year old witness and “working professional” saw a “huge boomerang craft” heading south towards Tulsa along Highway 75. Like the Broken Arrow witness on October 9th, the craft was silent and at 10-20,000 feet in the air and “at least a quarter-mile in length.”

OWASSO: Green Country was having a lot of sightings in October, as this report confirms. The witness claims a “shiny, metallic orb” was viewed for a few seconds in his neighborhood, before it disappeared. The orb was seen close to 5 p.m. on October 13th.

OKLAHOMA CITY: On October 17th, at 8:12 p.m., the witness reported to NUFORC that they saw a triangle (although they call it an “orb-like ship”) with “spinning lights” in an empty grass field somewhere in the Oklahoma City area. The witness noted it had “white fluorescent lights.”

LANGLEY: One of the most interesting reports during the month of October was out of Langley, a Mayes County town at the south end of Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. The witness writes that “every night for a week and a half, there are several UFO’s that have red, green and white flashing lights.” They are “in the sky all night” and are seen best at certain times. The lights are seen near the Grand Lake Dam. The witness insists that these “are not stars by any stretch of the imagination.”

Interestingly, there is some history when it comes to UFO sightings at Grand Lake. In April 2002 there was a fairly dramatic sighting three miles south of Grand Lake’s Sailboat Bridge. According to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report taken at the time, he witness watched the UFO “searching” the Grand Lake shoreline, with the help of smaller “balls of light” they came from the interior of the object, which zigzagged over the lake “in a military search pattern.” The lights then re-enter the craft and it takes off at a high rate of speed.

Again, like the Sallisaw area, Langley is just outside the mysterious 94 degrees west longtitude, at 95.0497 degrees west longitude. It is also not very far from Seneca, Missouri, near the area where the Spook Light has been seen for years (having been seen by this writer, in March 1995). This area of the Ozark Plateau, including areas in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas and northwest Arkansas have high numbers of UFO sightings.

And even closer to the Seneca, Mo./Spook Light area, UFO Hunters offered a report from Wyandotte, on the very northern end of Grand Lake, back in July 2013. This included strange lights fading and reappearing. 

OKLAHOMA CITY: The last October UFO report received by NUFORC was on October 26th of a sighting of “two large flashing red lights” being pursued at a high altitude by a “conventional jet aircraft.” The red lights and the jet were heading east, the witness reported.

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