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"Minden Mystery" may lead to meteorite

Camp Minden, La. blast site. But what caused it?
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By Andrew W.

Dirt Report
, editor

Posted: October 18, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY – Whatever happened at the Camp Minden
site in Webster Parish, La., we may never know. But whatever it was, it was
big. Sure, it makes sense that a bunker “igloo” full of explosives somehow ignited
and blew up, but perhaps there was something more to it. Perhaps the Camp
Minden site was cover for something else?

People in the area said it was like an earthquake.
Or something striking the structure they were in. It was clearly very jarring
and very frightening for people in the vicinity.

As a former reporter for The Town Talk newspaper in Alexandria, La., I used to cover all
manner of weird and bizarre stories. UFO sightings. Bigfoot sightings. And much

So, we tend to pay attention to strange stories
coming out of the Bayou State. And this incident at Camp Minden – between Minden
and Dixie Inn, along Interstate 20 – is worth noting.

The concussion felt from this explosion was felt for
miles around. And then there are the bright lights in the sky that were seen by
multiple witnesses. The Camp Minden spokesman blandly said a bunker full of "ordnance materials used by the military" was what blew up. The spokesman refused to elaborate further. A lot of zipped lips connected to this story. 

Shreveport Times
is actually paying a bit of attention
to the alternative theories swirling around out there regarding the “Minden

Writes Times
reporter Kristi Johnson: “Facebook posts allude to meteorites, aliens,
government cover-ups, earthquakes and even falling ash and debris as possible
causes. ‘I think it is something top secret that crashed …,’ Rhonda Burns Dyson
commented on The Times’ Facebook
page. ‘My friend lives on (Lake) Bistineau and he saw a fireball fall from the sky
… He drove by Camp Minden and nothing … There is more to this, but we’ll
probably never be told the truth.’”

The story then notes how Explo Systems, Inc., the
company that owns the explosive-laden bunkers said to be behind the loud booms,
“canceled two news conferences Tuesday morning, which only fueled conspiracy
rumors. Despite repeated attempts, The
has yet to receive an official explanation from Explo.”

Indeed. A cover-up is clearly underway. The
Louisiana State Police is now involved, as are the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives. A “clean-up” is underway.

And yet, when we look at KSLA-TV aerial footage of the
Camp Minden site where the bunker site, a YouTube poster named “Idahopicker”
studies the footage and shows how the site appears to be more like a site of
where something hit the ground twice before hitting the train on the nearby
train tracks. A meteorite, as some reported? Something else?

At, reporter Joe Quinn writes, in his
article headlined “Meteorite Impacts Earth in Minden, Louisiana  - Media and Government cover it up,” that on
the night of the explosion, “(P)eople across Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi
reported seeing bright flashes in the sky and fireball trails. And in the
Shreveport area of NW Louisiana, many people heard loud ‘booms’ that shook
houses to their foundations and broke many windows in the town of Minden.”

Minden resident Amy Mealey said: “I honestly thought
we were being bombed. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Benton, La. resident “Donna” wrote on Facebook: “Large
explosion then felt like a whoosh of pressure through house and house shaking.”

Meanwhile reporter Quinn asks: “What
are the odds, that, at around the same time as people across three states
(Miss., La., and Texas, and hundreds of miles apart) were seeing what was
clearly a meteorite/comet fragment burning up in the lower earth atmosphere, a
munitions dump would explode?”

Good question. Clearly something else happened here.
With the radar 3-D images showing a large “plume” and reports from people
saying an ash, with large pieces falling out of the sky as large as quarters,
rained on to the ground. Quinn speculates that it was “meteorite/comet fragment”
that traveled SE to NW and broke up over Louisiana, with a piece hitting the
area that coincidentally was the site of bunker site full of explosives. An
interesting theory, to say the least. Of course the initial reports were that
this was a meteorite. Why would they cover that up? So as not to panic the public about an increase in meteorites and comet fragments striking the planet?

Equally scary is when Quinn suggests that “death-dealing
space rocks” can carry viruses that can spread disease. History shows this to be the case. 

As we reported several months ago, the U.S.
Government detonated a nuclear bomb in a salt dome several thousand feet below
the surface near Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1964 as part of PROJECT SALMON.
The concussion from that nuclear blast caused damage to nearby homes and
buildings. Of course local residents were warned in that instance, as well as
in 1966’s PROJECT STERLING, in that same area.

We will continue to follow this story.

2012 Red Dirt Report

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