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Jamison family disappearance took place on occult "line of tragedy"

Latimer County Sheriff's Office
The Jamison family truck was found abandoned over a week after they vanished in the autumn of 2009.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – New questions are swirling about the Jamison family, the mother, father and daughter from Eufaula who went missing in rural Latimer County in October 2009. The skeletal remains of two adults and a child were found by a deer hunter and are believed to be the Jamison family who were looking at land on remote Panola Mountain.

In today’s edition of The Oklahoman, a story headlined “Mother believes religious cult is responsible for Oklahoma family’s disappearance” the mother of Sherilyn Jamison, Connie Kokotan, told the newspaper that around the time Sherilyn, husband Bobby and six-year-old daughter Madyson went missing that her daughter “was on a cult’s hit list.”

And indeed there have been sensational yet substantiated reports revealed in the media that Sherilyn Jamison had suggested she was a “witch” and that their Eufaula home was under attack by “spirits” and that “angels” were communicating with Madyson, while Bobby allegedly had been reading a “satanic bible” and had asked a minister about obtaining “special bullets” to kill the spirits that were terrorizing them.

When Red Dirt Report asked about the “cult” angle, Perkinson replied that he had “not heard that information before” and that right now they are “focusing on the evidence.”

“We are trying to figure out how they got to that location and if it is the Jamison family,” Perkinson said, adding that DNA tests on the remains found this past weekend are taking place at the Medical Examiner’s office.

In 1993, amidst the hoopla over David Koresh and the Branch Davidian cult compound near Waco, Texas, The Oklahoman did a story addressing the topic of cults and at that time – over 20 years ago – a U.S. Marshal told the newspaper that “some cults have found a home in eastern Oklahoma” and that some of them are “extreme,” but did not elaborate. Curiously, we learned today about the mysterious case of Tommy Raymond Eastep, who also vanished after a July 4th weekend trip to Eufaula, the same town the Jamisons called home. His truck was found abandoned at a highway "crossroads" in late September near Wetumka, Oklahoma (on the 35 degreee north latitude). 

Red Dirt Report has contacted Oklahoma City University’s religious studies department seeking comment about the existence of cults in Oklahoma and what cult they believed may have been involved in the disappearance of the Jamison family, south of Kinta, Oklahoma.

A little over a month before the disappearance of the Jamison family in October 2009, Pastor Carol Daniels was found brutally murdered in her church in Anadarko, Oklahoma. The crime scene, said District Attorney Bret Burns at the time, was the most “horrific” he has ever seen, and this is after having prosecuted over 50 murder cases. Daniels’ nude and mutilated body was found behind the church altar “staged” in a crucifix position, according to, which suggests a link to a “satanic cult.”

Synchronistically, both Kinta and Anadarko are on the 35th parallel north, a circle of latitude that crosses some critically important (historically speaking) areas of the planet, including Tibet, Hiroshima, Japan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Tunisia and Algeria. An online mystic seer and “predictor” named Sollog has called the 35th parallel a “line of tragedy,” and points to events like the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City as an example of that.

And just to the south, with the 33rd degree latitude being the location of Dallas, Texas and the King-Kill/33 John F. Kennedy assassination theory of Ardmore, Oklahoma native James Shelby Downard (which is on the 34th parallel – between 33 and 35), one wonders if there isn’t something to all of this, especially as we are just days away from the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder on Elm Street (aka "The Mason Road"). 

But back to the Jamison case … there is an interesting angle that caught my attention in the Investigation Discovery program Disappeared that focused on the Jamison case had to do with a water tank at the well site where the Jamison truck was found abandoned.

Search dogs focused on a water tank at the site, indicating that they were hitting on a scent linked to the Jamisons. However, the water tank is emptied and no bodies are found. This reminded me immediately of the strange Elisa Lam case out of Los Angeles in Feb. 2013  where the Canadian tourist’s body is found in a water tank on the roof of the spooky Hotel Cecil, mirroring a similar scenario in the 2005 horror film Dark Water, starring Jennifer Connelly.

What links the Jamison and Lam cases is the very unusual and odd behavior Lam and the Jamisons exhibited as featured on video footage prior to their respective disappearances. Coincidence? Many think Lam, while in the hotel known for its dark history, was talking to “something” in the elevator that wasn’t there. And the Jamisons, plagued by phantoms, looked to be in a “trance” as they loaded up their truck to go to meet their fate on the 35th parallel's Panola Mountain.

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