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GODDESS ON THE MOUNTAINTOP: Venus syncing with Earthlings

Screengrab from Mundodesconocido YouTube channel.
Possible, artificial structures on surface of Venus?
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Back in the 1990’s, there was an obscure, sci-fi alt-rock band called Sabalon Glitz (named after a greedy character on Doctor Who) who released an eclectic album in 1994 called Ufonic.

At the end of the Ufonic album – on track 23, appropriately enough – there is a recording of a radio interview between two young men and a man (believed to be Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who wrote about his encounter in the book Stranger at the Pentagon – the film version can be seen here) discuss an alleged Venusian visitor named Commander Valiant Thor who came with a group of Venusians, offering President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s America a chance to achieve a society “without sickness, without disease and without death.”

Eisenhower and Vice-President Richard M. Nixon were told this, only to later tell Thor that “Sir, if we were to accept this information from you, it would totally ruin the economy of the United States.”

And despite the fascinating, experimental sounds on Ufonic, it was always this interview on unnamed track 23 that kept me coming back, even over 20 years later.

Sabalon Glitz's 1994 Ufonic album (Trixie Records)

When the man in the Ufonic interview tells the show that Thor wanted to meet him in suburban Washington. He would say that he had the “most amazing half-hour” ever. This was in the late 1950’s.

Thor, according to Stranges, would contribute information for America’s then-burgeoning NASA space program and that he was in regular touch with Commander Valiant Thor at least up to the time of that interview which was believed that have been recorded in the early 1990’s.

When they ask the contactee how many planets are inhabited on the inside, he responds that every one of them – that he is aware of – “is inhabited on the inside.” Valiant Thor and his companions allegedly lived on the interior of Venus. 

Read more about Stranges encounter with Valiant Thor and his mission from Venus here.


Noting that the raised areas on the surface of Venus are “suspiciously artificial,” the YouTube UFO investigator Mundo Desconocido released a video late last month titled “Amazing Cities in Venus” where the video analyst (speaking Spanish), demonstrates how structures can be seen (in three dimensions) following the early 1990's mapping of Venus by NASA's Magellan spacecraft, which had been launched in May 1989, from the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Magellan orbited Venus, doing its scientific surveys until October 1994, when it mostly burned up in Venus's dense atmosphere.

The Wikipedia entry on the Magellan project notes that “Magellan created the first (and currently the best) near-photographic quality, high resolution radar mapping of the planet’s surface features … Magellan … finally allowed detailed imaging and analysis of craters, hills, ridges and other geologic formations, to a degree comparable to the visible-light photographic mapping of other planets.”

The page also noted that Magellan’s global radar map currently remains as the most detailed Venus map in existence, although the planned Russian Venera-D (scheduled for 2025 and considered the follow-up to the earlier, Soviet-operated Venera spacecraft projects (1957-1984).

The video, as translated from Spanish to English for Red Dirt Report by Christina Alvarez, she said the video creator essentially is pointing out volcanoes and mountains on Venus's surface that appear to have structures on them. 

Perhaps we will learn more when Earth ships return to Venus to investigate more about the mysterious second planet from the sun.

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