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Another busy October for UFO sightings over Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Perhaps because the days and nights are cooler and more people are looking up, October proved to be another busy month in Oklahoma when it comes to people reporting UFO sightings.

October 2015 was also a busy month for UFO sightings as we reported last year, with information compiled by the Washington state-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

YUKON: Occuring late on the night of October 1st, the eyewitness reported seeing a “quick flash” that was not attributable to lightning and there was no sound accompanying the flash which was two seconds in duration. The eyewitness said a colleague in Oklahoma City also reported a similar flash.

ANTLERS: On the night of October 6th, the eyewitness reported the following to NUFORC: “Seemed like just another star but then looked like a spotlight rolling and was extremely Bright...then went back to a twinkle and started moving away but the movement was like shaky, jerky at first till it gained speed rather fast. It was absolutely (quiet).

COWETA: A person in Coweta taking a picture of a falcon in the sky on the morning of October 8th reported seeing something else flying by in one of the photos they took. What it looked like was not noted in the report.

OKLAHOMA CITY: Near Oklahoma City’s southern boundary with Moore, an eyewitness reported seeing a “white, perfect circle” moving through a clear blue sky on the afternoon of October 13th. As the person sought someone else to point it out to, the circle “ascended higher and disappeared.”

TULSA: The objects seen in the predawn hours of October 18th were described as “3 triangular shaped craft.” The duration of the sighting in Tulsa was approximately 20 minutes.

SHAWNEE: A family reported to NUFORC that for a week or so in mid-October, between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m., an circular object with “multi-colored lights on it” were seen fairly consistently. NUFORC notes in the report that the Shawnee eyewitnesses may be seeing the star Sirius.

STILLWATER: A teardrop-shaped object with flashing green lights was seen in the early afternoon of October 27th. The sighting was preceded by a “buzzing” sound. The sighting was quick, however, and the object suddenly disappeared.

EDMOND: The eyewitness in Edmond reported seeing a “flying wing” made up of “many small objects together.” It was also slightly luminescent. The object(s), also seen on October 27th, flew about 200-300 feet off the ground and was silent. It headed in a northwesterly direction.

NORMAN: Ten hours after the “teardrop-shaped” object reported in Stillwater earlier on October 27th, an eyewitness in Norman saw a similar object featuring green and yellow lights at Highway 77 and Cedar Lane, although the eyewitness seemed to think it might have been hovering somewhere around the intersection of Highway 9 and 24th Avenue in Norman.

“It seemed to have appeared in the middle of the sky suddenly,” reported the eyewitness. “(T)hen it fell towards the ground. I lost sight of it behind trees and the neighborhood. There was just one.”

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