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Yes, we should be concerned about aluminum in vaccines
RDR contributor Shane Smith shares his concerns about ingredients in vaccines in this new Prairie Opinions piece.
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NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma-based news website, NonDoc, published a cartoon several weeks ago by Mike Allen, mocking the growing number of people with serious reservations about the aluminum content of the vaccines they’re told they must inject into themselves and their children. The patient is represented as a tin man, because of course only a backwater rube would have any qualms about injecting themselves with a neurotoxin, right? That’s the insinuation.

Mr. Allen extends his high-horsing below the cartoon in a small paragraph, chiding the public at large for not getting the shots already, because, well, measles is here! Someone might inform him that all those measles infections he seems so worried about have already resolved themselves. We’ve gotten very good at treating a case of measles, which consists of nothing more than rest, an abundance of fluids, and vitamin A supplementation. Measles, a self-limiting infection, lasts less than a week, and then it’s gone. For those previously infected, they are now immune for life. For some reason, though, only the ever-increasing number of infections are reported by the corporate media, but not the number of full recoveries that are increasing at the same rate.

Someone might also inform him that it’s not deadly or dangerous in any meaningful sense: measles mortality in the United States plummeted from an average of 6,000 deaths per year around 1912 down to an annual rate of 400 out of at least 4 million cases just before the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1963. The dramatic decline in deaths was due, not to any vaccine, but to advances in sanitation, wider access to clean water and better food, and a better understanding of how to treat the infection. If measles is dangerous, then everything is dangerous, and someone in such a state of fear-induced paralysis may as well stockpile hand sanitizer and inflate a plastic bubble around their home.

But really, what Bizzaro world do we live in where there exists widespread and debilitating fear of an illness as mild as measles, yet concern over the presence of a known neurotoxin in a pharmaceutical product that we inject into infants and ourselves is derided? Mr. Allen fails to elucidate just why concern over aluminum is so ridiculous. Probably because he doesn’t know anything about what he’s mocking. Which is nothing more than what should be expected, as every published hit piece refuses to address the arguments of vaccine critics. Back to aluminum.

Aluminum is, uncontroversially, considered a neurotoxin. For vaccine effectiveness, this toxic effect is essential, as it stimulates a persistent immune response in the body, enhancing the immune response to the antigen. This aluminum adjuvant is currently used in the Hep A, Hep B, Hib, PCV, HPV, DTaP, and Tdap vaccines, that are administered to children according to the CDC recommended schedule.

The disturbing aspect of the use of aluminum as an adjuvant is that it has never been safety-tested for use in pediatric vaccines, despite the well-documented risks of intravenous aluminum, such as its role in causing dialysis-associated encephalopathy syndrome, also known as “dialysis dementia”, among individuals who are given dialysis fluid contaminated with aluminum. The injected aluminum bypasses the liver and gastrointestinal tract, which filters out any aluminum consumed incidentally, and goes straight into the bloodstream.

A 1997 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Aluminum Neurotoxicity in Preterm Infants Receiving Intravenous-Feeding Solutions”, found that any amount greater than 4 to 5 micrograms (mcg) per kilogram of body weight per day of aluminum received intravenously in preterm infants would result in significant negative effects for mental development later in life.

The Hepatitis B vaccine, administered on the very first day of life, contains 250 mcg of aluminum.  At age 2 months, a baby receives four shots containing aluminum: Hep B (250 mcg), DTap (625 mcg), PCV (125 mcg), and Hib (225 mcg). The combined total amounts to 1,225 mcg of aluminum injected in a single doctor’s visit.

The anthrax vaccine BioVaxx, given to Gulf War soldiers who later developed what is now known as Gulf War Syndrome, has been studied for its neurotoxic effects in mice. In the study, “Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice”, the vaccine, which contained 830 mcg of aluminum hydroxide, was administered to mice that subsequently developed “significant cognitive deficits” and “significant motor neuron loss”. A separate study, ‘Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration’, published in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, reached the same conclusion after injecting mice with the aluminum adjuvant.

There is much, much more regarding the dangers of aluminum in vaccines than could be adequately mentioned here. Suffice it to say that it’s more than Mr. Allen has read. But his cartoon isn’t meant to be factual: it’s nothing more than what we’ve seen from every other media outlet: an illustration of the Bullying Effect, that primitive instinct that compels us to point and laugh at someone if others are doing it. The other news outfits are ridiculing the dreaded “anti-vaxxers”, so why not them? Might as well get in a cheap swipe while the getting is good. But these cheap swipes aren’t so innocent, and the issues being belittled and disregarded urgently deserve our attention.

“What’s our collective level of concern here? It doesn’t seem nearly high enough to me.” Oh? There are many, many grave problems plaguing this country that deserve our concern and attention long before we get to measles. One is the far more concerning, actual epidemic of chronic illness and autoimmune disorders, growing at a frightening rate among U.S. children.

Rates of autoimmune and neurological disorders began to rapidly increase shortly after the childhood vaccine schedule became loaded with aluminum-containing vaccines, an observation that is sure to garner the accusation of “anti-vaxxer”, but it is a strong correlation, and, given the deadly seriousness of childhood illness, it’s a correlation that must be taken seriously.

Despite the real epidemic of this rise in childhood illness, there has been virtually no coverage from the corporate media. It deserves far more airtime that measles is getting, yet it remains an invisible epidemic.  The most chronically ill generation of children in U.S. history live among us, and few seem to notice.

Severe, anaphylactic food allergies in children have skyrocketed during the past two decades, with an estimated 1 in 12 children afflicted. Treatment of severe allergic reactions has increased 400% between 2007 and 2016, and costs for treatment have grown by more than 5,000%.  The vaccines given to children contain plant and animal proteins, specifically soy, peanut, sesame, wheat, egg, and gelatin, which could trigger an “off-target immune response”, creating an unintended, severe allergy to proteins that are virtually everywhere in our environment. Japan removed gelatin from vaccines in 1998 after finding a link between it and the rise in anaphylactic and allergic reactions.

The rate of autism in the U.S. has exploded over the past thirty years. In the 1980’s, the rate was around 1 in 10,000. It jumped to 1 in 2500 in the 90’s. The current rate is estimated to be 1 in 40, according to the journal Pediatrics, with epilepsy occurring in one fifth of autism cases, and self-harm in 50%.

Through the media, government, and the endless name-calling and ridicule heaped upon “anti-vaxxers”, we’ve been conditioned to not mention autism and vaccines in the same sentence, yet even the vaccine court has apparently found enough of a connection in at least 83 cases to award payouts to claimants who had been developing normally but regressed into autism after receiving either a single vaccination, or multiple vaccinations all at once. The source for this fact is a study, “Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury”, published in 2011 in the Pace Environmental Law Review. It can be found online and downloaded, for free, by anyone.

Childhood diabetes and asthma have similarly skyrocketed over the past several decades. Asthma kills around 4,000 U.S. citizens each year, although you wouldn’t know it from the lack of news coverage.

These ballooning rates of autoimmune and neurological disorders among U.S. children should horrify everyone, and deserve our urgent collective concern, but are presently receiving almost none of it. It certainly isn’t reported on in the major media outlets, or by otherwise immensely talented cartoonists. The few people shouting the loudest about the need for attention and concern are mocked, belittled, and dismissed outright by those who otherwise have talent, a voice, and a platform.

The source of this epidemic is recent and environmental, and evidence raises serious questions about the use of aluminum in childhood vaccines as a likely culprit. If the high dose of intravenous aluminum given to infants and children is causing permanent damage to their nervous system, shortening their lifespans and burdening them with lifelong disabilities, then a serious second look at its use in pediatric vaccines is needed.

What we have is an industry, regulatory agencies, and corporate media outlets so obsessed with maintaining the credibility of the narrative that vaccines are “safe and effective” that they are willing to overlook obvious, inherent dangers of these products, and their role in the health crisis among U.S. children. As J.B. Handley has observed, it’s almost as if there is a general belief that if any criticism of vaccines were to be seen as valid by the medical establishment, a Cold War-style domino effect of cascading doubt would spread among the public, resulting in plummeting vaccination rates. But I’m sure the manufacturers of these vaccines are more concerned with plummeting consumer confidence than they are with any health effects.

The “maintain the narrative at all costs” stance has resulted in the emergence and strict enforcement of a vaccine Orthodoxy which can tolerate no questions or facts that run counter to it, regardless of the cost to public health. Vaccines should appear to the public as an Absolute Good, a civilization-saving product with no downside. Criticism, no matter how legitimate, is immediately ridiculed and dismissed, and the critics are either bullied into silence, ignored altogether, or, with more sinister implications, deemed a danger to the public.

What is more disturbing is the apparent self-censoring behavior on the part of journalists who should know better. Writers and reporters who aren’t even on the Pharma payroll happily join in to take pot-shots at the “anti-vaxxers”. This includes cartoonists who take at face value the top-down directive that vaccine critics must be ridiculed and silenced, and act accordingly. That’s not journalism, it’s stenography. Cheap hit pieces written to garner a few cheap chuckles are a dime a dozen, but where is the real journalism that reports the serious questions being raised by an increasing number of people, and also seeks to find out what motivates so many people to pin the blame on what appears to be reckless vaccine policy in the United States?

Despite the top-down efforts to keep the lid on the criticism of the vaccine industry, Pharma’s very own glasnost is on the horizon. The efforts to push vaccine mandates through state legislatures has provoked a groundswell of grassroots activism, and the mandatory vaccine bills are, for the most part, dying swift deaths. What is interesting is the Streisand Effect illustrated perfectly by the simultaneous attempts at censorship of vaccine “misinformation” and mandates: more people than ever are now curious about the vaccine controversy, and less willing to believe the teleprompter parrots on television who ridicule parents of vaccine-injured children.

Eyebrows raise when people hear corporate news anchors beseech the public with some variation of, “Don’t look at the Internet for your news! Please get all your vaccine information solely from your television.” What better way to guarantee that those watching will swivel to their computer to find out what is really going on.

People in power lie, whether that power lies within a government, a regulatory body, or a corporation. The least we should be capable of, as writers, journalists, and even cartoonists, is not to do the punching down for them. The powerful already have plenty of stenographers on their payroll without us unwittingly adding to their numbers.

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