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'Wrongway Feldman' tells NewsOK that he wants to serve in the Senate into his mid-80's

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OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 7) - Septuagenarian Jim "Wrongway Feldman" Inhofe, everyone's favorite "Jesus Guy" and friend of African strongmen, Egyptian thugs and wasteful D.C. spending, has announced he is running - yet again - for U.S. Senate.

The cantankerous Christian with a penchant for bluster told The Oklahoman this week that "When people say: 'You're too old to fun (for re-election); my response is always: 'When I'm too old to fly an airplane upside down, then I'm too old to run.'"

Color me amazed. Not only did the 78-year-old Republican fly upside-down in Muskogee recently, he says he wants to serve well into his 80's, because, in his characteristic self-serving manner, he says no one else will address "energy, overregulation and the disarming of America that we're going through with this president."

And yet spying on Americans is okay with him and Tom Coburn.

Thankfully, Inhofe is going to have some competition in his own backyard in the form of Tulsa financial planner Matt Silverstein.

As his campaign website notes, "Oklahoma needs a voice in the Senate that will ensure working families come before the special interests and pet projects."

Silverstein, a Democrat, has done his homework on Inhofe and made a campaign-trail crack about Inhofe - a.k.a. Wrongway Feldman (of Gilligan's Island fame) and his landing on a closed airport runway in Port Isabel, Texas.

As Politico noted in 2011: "When the construction foreman, Sidney Boyd, called the FAA, he reported that Inhofe's Cessna "scared the crap out of" his workers and "damn near hit" a red truck. Boyd said he thought the truck's driver "actually wet his britches, he was scared to death. I mean, hell, he started trying to head for the side of the runway. The pilot (Inhofe) could see him, or he should have been able to, he was right on him."

The airport's manager, Marshall Reece said in an interview with the FAA that in "over 50 years flying, three tours of Vietnam," he had "never seen such a reckless disregard for human life in my life."

"Something needs to be done," Reece said. "This guy is famous for these violations."

Indeed. A disregard for human life. Oh, he'll make sure that Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni is protected or throw his support behind U.S. intervention in east-central Africa to hunt for Joseph Kony. But if it comes to keeping money at home, rather than sending it to Egypt where it will be wasted or used to kill dissidents, Inhofe's taking a powder.

Silverstein is right to call Inhofe out on the reckless flying issue. Of course Inhofe, only thinking of himself, would, after the airport incident, author a bill to "give pilots more rights in disputes with the FAA." Looking out for himself.

Or, as Silverstein was quoted as saying, calling Inhofe a "belligerent, wasteful spending creature of Washington, D.C."

So, will someone challenge Inhofe in a Republican primary? It could happen, although the "Jesus Guy" told The Oklahoman: "They would have to be to the right of men, and I don't think there is anyone out there."

In the meantime, we are looking to interview Matt Silverstein next week during a visit to Oklahoma City. Stay tuned.

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