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Wider wars inevitable in '14?
A military helicopter on patrol over the South China Sea.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While most news “sources” in the U.S. are talking about some overexposed, corrupt New Jersey governor (who knew!?!?) or about football or the sewage-soaked Golden Globes, those who take the news seriously are noting a troubling trend – the notion that the planet may be on the slippery slope towards World War III.

Alarming? Yes. Likely? Well, if the observations of some of the world’s top economic advisors is on track, well, yes again.

Just as Carl Jung noted, exactly 100 years ago, his visions and dreams regarding an impending war in his native Europe – as occurred with World War I, beginning in 1914 – your humble correspondent has been getting a strong sense that the Philippines are going to play a major role on the world stage in 2014, this, following the devastating typhoon in 2013. 

And confirming this is news from the China Daily Mail today where the headline reads: “China and Philippines: The reasons why a battle for Zhongye (Pag-asa) Island seems unavoidable.”

This follows an earlier – and alarming – article headlined “Chinese troops to seize Zhongye Islands back from the Philippines in 2014.” China believes the island was stolen by the Filipinos and that they are insulted that that U.S.-backed government is announcing that in the new year they will be increasing its navy and air force presence on the strategic island in the South China Sea.

According to that earlier article: “The Chinese navy has drawn a detailed combat plan to seize the island and the battle will be restricted within the South China Sea.”

When I heard a Communist Chinese official tell a BBC reporter recently that all is well within China and that there were currently “no navy ships sounding cannons in the South China Sea,” it made me wonder if he was letting something slip out. It would seem that within China, there is the growing sense that a conflict is inevitable.

After all, with an increasingly nationalistic Japan flexing its muscles, Forbes magazine recently noted that “China-Japan relations are at a dangerously low point, much worse than in, say, 2005 because the very real possibility of a clash at sea.” This, largely over the Senkaku/Diaoyu island dispute between the two Pacific powers.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has lied through his teeth about the catastrophic impact the Fukushima nuclear disaster is having on the Pacific marine ecosystem, is a dangerous nationalist who is doing everything to undermine stability in the Pacific Rim, angering South Korea and making things less even-keeled for U.S. interests.

And today we see, via, that Japan is holding "military drills" as the South China Sea islands dispute widens. 

Wall Street veteran James Rickards, author of Currency War: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, recently wrote that “currency wars,” where nations all compete to devalue their currencies in order to boost exports, is in play

Rickards has said, “(c)urrency wars lead to trade wars, which often lead to hot wars.”

This is certainly a development we will be monitoring.

Meanwhile, as we warned Red Dirt Report readers a couple of years ago, not only are U.S. troops landing in places like Uganda, under the guise of hunting down the Lord’s Resistance Army, Democracy Now! is reporting that “U.S. Army teams are heading to 35 African countries,” essentially laying the groundwork for a full-fledged invasion and occupation of large sections of the African continent. Why? Al Qaeda or somesuch …

This week, The Voice of Russia featured an article – “US/NATO preparing to battle Russia for the Arctic.” In it, they note that while America’s transportation infrastructure crumbles and jobs are becoming harder and harder to find, “the US still has trillions to spend on surveillance and the military-industrial complex.”

Russia knows that the U.S., along with Canadian and Scandinavian governments, are ganging up to control the Arctic. And with the Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi - following that terrorist attack in Volgograd - concerns are that a terror attack there, with athletes from around the world present, could make the 1972 terror incident in Munich look like child's play in comparison. 

And with governments, like the US government colluding with corporations – banking, pharmaceutical, Big Ag and so forth – the “corporate-criminal syndicate” that has emerged is doing everything to amass wealth for themselves as the people are left to fend for themselves with just a few crumbs.

Meanwhile, in South America, Argentina is throwing its weight around, particularly over the issue of the Falkland Islands (aka. Malvinas). In fact, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has a new “Malvinas secretary” who is reminding the world that the Falklands are Argentine territory and that “anyone who drills for oil in the Falklands and the surrounding waters” could face prison sentences. The Falklands are British territory and that argument was allegedly settled following a war over the Falklands between the UK and Argentina in 1982.

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