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VIRAL CHAOS: Troops to head to Africa while medical staff are recklessly left exposed to Ebola
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Tulsa) called for a “temporary travel ban” to the United States from countries where Ebola has recently erupted, not surprisingly, he did not say anything about President Obama’s latest Ebola-related photo op with cabinet officials and the Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor. Well, we know that the pigeon-slaughtering goon has a "heart" for Africa. He's a "Jesus guy" who is only thinking about "the folks."

This was a moment for Obama to look “presidential” as he announces how Ebola is a "national security emergency" (and the planes keep comin') he intends to send more troops to Liberia in hopes of containing the Ebola outbreak there (and the planes keep comin'). How that will work is not entirely clear. At this late stage, Obama looks like an inept clown and far from presidential, as Ebola-fatigued Dallas - and America - sighs and witnesses more bungling and mismanagment. If anything, Sec Def Chuck Hagel and National Security Advisor Susan Rice were up there giving him orders because he finds the American people to be an annoyance. This is supposed to inspire confidence?

As we said recently, sending troops, rather than qualified medical personnel (like Cuba), sends the wrong message. People in West Africa see more imperialistic meddling rather than serious assistance in a time of need. And what of those National Guard troops? How smart is it to send them into a hot zone full of Ebola viruses?

And if you think Uncle Sam is going to take care of them, well, just ask how well our government took care of those sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan, exposed to heavy doses of radiation after the Fukushima meltdown in 2011. Ask "Big Jim" Inhofe if he has done anything to help their cause. They love saying how much they love the troops ...

Yes, as RDR columnist Shane Smith recently wrote, "A government that continually needs a crisis to justify its size and scope will have an uncanny ability to find a crisis anywhere it looks."

And this crisis does not appear to be getting any better. How long before more workers in the airline industry begin to strike because their employers are more concerned about the bottom line than the health and safety of their employees and passengers?

And its still amateur hour over at the Centers for Disease Control.  Will someone please fire that dope Doc Frieden? He's so grating ... And they don't seem to know what the hell they are doing. And Surgeon General Obama hits the links once again.

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