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U.S.-led "strategic plans" seek to topple unfriendly governments

AP Photo / Diario Notitarde, Mauricio Centeno
A gunshot victim said to be Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona is driven from the site of a protest in the city of Valencia.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – A few days ago, while driving down a downtown street here in Oklahoma City, I happened to notice a sticker on the back window of the SUV in front of me. It featured an image of the Pentagon, the numbers 9/11 and the statement “NEVER FORGET.”

Of course they were talking about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon back on September 11, 2001.

But for me, the date 9/11 reminded me of another “terrorist attack” on the same date, but in 1973. I’m talking about the Pentagon-and-CIA-staged overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Chile’s Salvador Allende. Before they took out his socialist government, the U.S. made sure he was weakened in numerous ways and then went on the offense, paving the way for the brutal military junta led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

That said, are we in the West really all that surprised that we are seeing violent clashes taking place between different groups of people in places like Syria, Venezuela or the Ukraine?

Yes, it’s feeling like 1973 again, without the glam rock, gas crisis or Watergate hearings.

The website Global Research confirms this, reporting last November that “There is no doubt that a conspiracy against the Bolivarian regime (in Venezuela) is gradually and deliberately being implemented.” This includes Allende-era issues like deficits in food commodities, interruptions in electrical power and water supplies, street crime, corruption and more.

Protests are raging in Caracas and elsewhere as right-wing forces continue their violent protests against the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. We learn today that revered Venezuelan beauty queen, 22-year-old Genesis Carmona, was shot and killed amidst the unrest. Her death has led to more outrage and violence in the streets. 

The right-wing fascist opposition leader, Leopold Lopez, has been jailed for trying to foment a coup in the South American nation. The Venezuelan government has already accused the U.S. of “plotting to destabilize the government,” as reported by CNN.

And while President Obama vehemently denied the existence of such plots, it is true that a CIA-run “destabilization center” located in neighboring Colombia, along the Venezuelan border, is trying to trigger unrest and destabilization in the country via its “Strategic Venezuela Plan,” something they have worked on since the days of Hugo Chavez.

And over in the Ukraine, we see what Global Research reporter Eric Draitser calls “the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.”

Pro-European forces within Ukraine are upset with the Kiev-based government of the rightfully-elected President Viktor Yanukovych and violence has dramatically increased in recent days as right-wing demonstrators took to the streets and demanded regime change because of Yanukovych’s hesitation about signing a trade agreement with the European Union.

Again, President Obama is siding with the right-wing and neo-fascist thugs and the forces that seek to ally with the U.S. and NATO and are hostile to Putin’s Russia.

The head of Ukraine’s state security service, Oleksander Yakimenko, told the media that the right-wing was causing the violence and that it is being “used in a deliberate, targeted way by means of arson attacks, murder, hostage-taking and intimidating the population to attain criminal goals.”

Russian officials agree, according to, reporting this week that the recent events in Kiev and elsewhere in the Ukraine amount to a “Brown Revolution,” a reference to the Nazis taking power in Germany in 1933.

And US and European governments have threatened sanctions against Ukraine if they don't install the puppet of their choosing.

And those of us who follow the intricate machinations of the American Empire know full well that while the John Kerry and the U.S. State Department may feign “shock!” at the horrific events in Kiev, Caracas and elsewhere, news sources are outright reporting this week that U.S. strategy in Syria is to do things the old-fashioned way: the violent toppling of Assad and his regime.

While this has been noted for some time now – and we came very close to intervention in Syria late, last summer, when I saw a report involving the uber-hawk U.S. Sen. John McCain and his reaction to the concerns of Syrian Christian clerics – McCain threw a tantrum and his simpering sidekick Sen. Lindsey Graham had to apologize for his outburst and petulant behavior. Graham, of course, has said if we don't attack Syria, Iran will attack the U.S. and detonate a nuke in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina!

Curious, isn’t it? The clerics, who see Syrian rebels killing their people, had traveled to Washington seeking the help of those in Congress.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Free Press Network website offered up a “RED ALERT” dispatch, claiming that American, Israeli and British “intelligence forces” are gathering along the Syrian-Jordanian border and are “planning an attack” to then create a “mini-state” in southern Syria, from which they can then launch an operation to go into Damascus and take out Bashar al-Assad.

And we haven’t even gotten into the recent events taking place in central and eastern Africa or in the South China Sea. There is definitely a rapid increase in the number of hot zones around the world, and where you see them you can guarantee that “foreign interests” are somehow involved.

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