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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a friend of the Police State, not the police

Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions.
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NORMAN, Okla.-- Jeff Sessions’ speech to Oklahoma sheriffs is the kind of rhetorical con you occasionally hear from leaders in socialist countries when speaking to their starving population, and usually only once things start to get really bad. The policies of the socialists inevitably lead to starvation, mass death, the creation of a police state, political repression, and rampant crime, so the leaders appear in public, normally with a small army protecting their wellbeing, to ensure the agitated public that it is still a nebulous group of “capitalists” that are sowing discontent and are the true cause of the peoples’ misery. 

Venezuelans, who have by now resorted to eating the animals from the local zoo, don’t seem to be buying it anymore, but Maduro is giving it the college try.

Sessions’ speech was a similar act of misdirection, a pep talk intended to ensure law enforcement that decades of a specific set of policies have not led to our current high crime rate, sardine can prisons, plagues of black market meth and heroin, massive Cartel presence, and the daily body count of 150 overdose victims.  Like the socialist leader or every other politician, he deflects blame. In his case, he points to “crime” as the culprit, and implies that if only we were harder on these degenerates our problems would be solved.

He praises law enforcement for their service but simultaneously does a cowardly thing in the speech by implying that supporters of reform see law enforcement as the enemy. 

“You are the thin blue line that stands between law-abiding people and criminals.  You protect our families, our communities, and our country from drugs and violence.  Every American benefits from that work and the vast majority of our country appreciates what you do. But some would undermine this support by portraying law enforcement officers as the enemy.”

Irony of ironies, Sessions, by supporting policies that generate crime, invite organized crime into the United States and incentivize the illicit drug trade that, among other things, provides funding for gang violence, is the true enemy of law enforcement.  The Drug War policies that Sessions supports are enforced at the street level by the police.  They are the ones that are forced to put their lives on the line to fend off the artificial crime wave induced by Sessions’ prohibitionist agenda.  The Drug War that Sessions supports is the reason that Oklahoma cops are forced to show up at grisly scenes of overdose victims, or deal with the thousands of incidents that spring peripherally from drug crime. 

In the speech, he states that Trump signed three executive orders that he is obligated to carry out: support law enforcement, reduce crime, and dismantle organized crime.  There is one policy the end of which would solve all three: The War on Drugs.  Supporting law enforcement would mean making their jobs easier and their lives safer, which would be accomplished by ending drug prohibition and the crime it generates.  Organized crime exists almost exclusively off black market revenue. 

Sessions also stated that it is his intention to focus on getting illegal guns off the streets.  Guess what policy is directly responsible for much of that gun violence?  The Drug War.  While the media tends to focus on mass shootings, they really only make up 3% of gun homicides each year.  Drug-related homicides in the US, however, reach up to 50%.  End the Drug War and the black market entrepreneurs won’t need all those guns to enforce business deals.  Competitors in the liquor market no longer machine-gun each other in the streets because they operate legally. 

The Drug War is a crime generator, intentionally so.  That crime generation, in turn, generates thousands of government jobs within a sprawling bureaucracy that vitally depends on the continued existence of that set of policies.  That is what Sessions was defending in his speech to Oklahoma’s sheriffs. Sadly, it sounds like they bought it.

Throughout his speech, Sessions hides behind praise of law enforcement in order to push an agenda that endangers their lives.  He is not their friend, even if he firmly believes he is.  His support for a harsh enforcement of existing drug laws make the jobs of police so much harder. 

The Cartel presence in this state is going to become much worse, the prisons are going to continue to be filled at an insanely unsustainable rate, addicts will continue to drop dead from meth or opioid overdoses at an increasing rate, and the police will be the ones scrambling to clean up the mess.  In the same way that modern Presidents recklessly waste the lives of our soldiers overseas, people like Sessions recklessly put police officers in danger by supporting policies that make violent crime worse.

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