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Ukrainian fascists gaining power in midst of crisis
Right-wing thugs with Ukraine's Svoboda party, look for trouble in Kiev.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – There is no question that fascism is on the rise again in Europe. Specifically, in the case of the coup in Ukraine, the local putsch leaders in this U.S.-backed operation in Kiev are far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-Russian Svoboda party.

But from the coverage of the Ukraine crisis, little is being said about this alarming development in that Eastern European nation, caught in a geopolitical tug-of-war.

The racist and xenophobic Svoboda party, which is an essentially pro-Nazi faction, now have power not seen in a European capital since 1945, as there are now no fewer than six ministers in Kiev who hail from Svoboda which translates as “Freedom.” These ministers hold key posts in Kiev’s interim government.

Doubt me? The party’s founder and leader, Oleh Tyahnybok has been openly calling for the crushing of the “Russkie-Yid mafia that controls Ukraine,” something the imperialist U.S. and European governments are well aware of, according to the World Socialist Web Site.

These fascist goons have been getting their education not just from 20th century history but from the Interregional Academy of Human Resources (MAUP) which has “educated more government officials, diplomats and administrators than any other university” in Ukraine.

The MAUP  propaganda mills have brought the odious anti-Semitic canards of “international Jewry” being behind the Bolshevik-led, October Revolution of 1917 back into vogue in Ukraine, while also and hosting speakers such as Tulsa-born, former Louisiana state legislator and Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. With MAUP’s calls for Jews to be expelled from Ukraine, we have recently reported that rabbis in that country are urging fellow Jews to consider fleeing Ukraine simply for their safety.

A writer over at,  political writer David C. Speedie, notes that “rising nationalist sentiment in Ukraine” is causing increased worry among political observers in Europe and beyond. “Cooperative solutions, not confrontation” are key, notes Speedie as Russia’s Vladimir Putin dismisses the concerns of the Jewish rabbis.

In the meantime, we wonder which direction Ukraine will go, as Crimea is scheduled to vote on March 16th on rejoining Russia, something that has not happened since Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave the peninsula to Ukraine 60 years ago.

Interestingly, Khrushchev’s son, Sergei Khrushchev, stated this week that giving Crimea back to Russia “is not an option,” adding, “And I never heard from Putin that he wanted to do it.”

That vote is just 10 days away.

Read more of our Ukraine coverage here.

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