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Tulsi would bring the values of "aloha" to the White House

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OKLAHOMA CITY – You can literally smell the fear emanating from the pro-war, pro-military-industrial-complex dupes in the media as they flail about trying to tear down, insult and ignore anti-war, Democratic presidential candidate and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard.

Just check out recent Tweets from insufferable news commentator Soledad O'Brien. When not tweeting about "fake black people" or insulting anyone who isn't Soledad O'Brien, the half-baked TV host expresses a virulent hatred of Gabbard, and tears her down any chance she has. When we suggest she do a sit-down interview with Gabbard, it's crickets in O'Brien's corner. No surprise there. 

In any event, we are well aware of Gabbard's accomplishments and sincerity in her embrace of public service and love of the U.S. and the Constitution. The Hawaii congresswoman is a true leader in the sense that she gathers information and makes decisions based on what she has found, and thereby moving forward with that information. This drives party hacks crazy, so they dismiss her as “weird,” as the chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Jane Kleeb, did in a recent Politico interview.

“I think for a while she was a darling of the progressive movement,” Kleeb told Politico. “And then anybody I know, any leader I know, just thinks she’s weird.”

But is it weird, in American society, to boldly demand that we end America’s costly military interventionism around the world? Is it bizarre to emphasize improved health care, better infrastructure and more money for education and clean energy? Apparently it is when Tulsi Gabbard says it.

As I look at the way forward, I acknowledge there are challenges. And I choose to see opportunity. We have an opportunity to articulate a vision for peace by ending counterproductive regime change wars,” Gabbard said in a recent statement, shared on a campaign-related social-media platform.

There is a pretty solid group of Democrats running. You have Beto O’Rourke, whom we supported in his amazing campaign for U.S. Senate in Texas, running against human-punching bag Ted Cruz. But now it isn’t clear where our “El Paso bro” stands on regime-change wars, etc. Is he in Iowa? At a skate park? Cool! Kamala Harris shows promise, but may be a hardliner on certain issues that matter to progressives. 

Bernie Sanders is yesterday’s news, although he is garnering loads of attention and donations. But we suspect the Democratic Party won’t get fully behind him because, well, he’s not really a Democrat, but a democratic socialist. 

Pete Buttigieg is a fresh face and a nice guy, popular back in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana where he served as mayor. He comes off as technocratic and that may not keep him going for the long haul, in a race that involves one Donald J. Trump and his fascistic crime syndicate. 

Joe Biden is, well, Joe. The handsy, grip-n-grin uncle and former vice-president whose progressive credentials are iffy at best. Word is that Biden will announce next week that he is officially running. But will he fire up the youth and the base? We think not.

Scott Rankin of Lawton is a fan of Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a popular progressive. This was at the 2017 Women's March at the Oklahoma Capitol. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

However, young people, like Dylan Rosenthal, a political science sophomore at the University of Delaware – Biden’s homestate – are fired up about Gabbard's bold positions. He recently wrote an opinion piece in the student newspaper supporting Gabbard’s candidacy, particularly her anti-war stances.

Concludes Rosenthal, in his op-ed: "Many Americans are increasingly understanding the consequences of war and learning that our foreign policy has been far from perfect. Gabbard’s hesitation to call for military intervention is refreshing, and it would definitely be beneficial to have a soldier crafting our foreign policy — someone who wants war to be a last resort, not a hobby."

There are others as well, but we'll leave the mentioning of their names to other news outlets. Tulsi Gabbard is who we are focusing on and excited about. For the reasons above and many more. 

Another issue important to young people is ending the drug war. And part of that comes with ending the federal laws related to marijuana. Gabbard has authored a bill in the House, with U.S. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), called the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, which would take marijuana off of the federal government’s list of controlled substances while also allowing states to regulate pot as they see fit, according to a recent article in Reason magazine. Just one example of how Gabbard easily works in a bi-partisan manner, something that many American people want to see more of in our dangerously divided society.

Bloomington, Indiana resident Ray Alt, a longtime supporter of Gabbard, said this to Red Dirt Report:

“Tulsi was considered a rising star in the party which is why she was made a vice chair of the DNC,” he said. “They are smearing her now because she supported Sen. (Bernie) Sanders and because she refuses to tow the party line by demonstrating an ability to be an independent thinker.”

Earlier this month, Gabbard passed the 65,000 mark of unique campaign donors. This allows her to join the Democratic debates.

We will continue to follow Tulsi's exciting campaign and the nearly-daily statements she is making about domestic and foreign policy ideas and her positions on a myriad of important issues that matter to the American people. For more information on Tulsi Gabbard's presidential campaign go to

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