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Tuesday round-up ... Auditor is making a difference; DARPA and vaccines?; "Castle Bravo" and Lithium-7 reconsidered

File photo / US Military
The Operation "Castle Bravo" mushroom cloud / 3/1/54.
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By Andrew W.

Dirt Report
, editor

Posted: July 31, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sometimes, in state government, you
find someone who actually takes their job seriously and gets things done.

From our perspective one of those rare people is
State Auditor Gary Jones.

Earlier this month, the Tulsa World, in a story headlined “State auditor steps up county
oversight,” the paper highlights how Jones is making good on a 2010 campaign
process “to get every … county … in compliance with state law” when it comes to
fulfilling their required annual financial audit. Check this Shawnee News-Star story for more on Jones' audits.

But Oklahoma being Oklahoma, a lot of counties have
not conducted audits for years, creating a backlog for Jones and his team. But
our new auditor is undeterred and according to the story his office “is on track
to conduct more than 200 county audits” that started in 2011 and should
conclude by the end of this year. Jones says half of the audits “left a lot to
be desired.”

We thank Auditor Jones and his team for their hard
work and dedication.

Over at Kaye Beach’s excellent and informative Axxiom for Liberty blog, she featured a
post today headlined “DARPA makes 10 million strides in the race to contain a
hypothetical pandemic
.” Beach asks if DARPA is making vaccines? DARPA has been
coming up a lot lately in reference to the James Eagen Holmes shooting massacre
and so forth. What are they up to?

Author Joseph P. Farrell, over at the blog, wrote a fascinating blog post titled “They just can’t
seem to get Lithium-7 right
.” Farrell references the 1954 “Castle Bravo” atomic
bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. This particular test is well
known in that it was the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the
U.S. Additionally, while they were expecting a possible 6 megaton blast, it
created over twice that, causing radioactive fallout that poisoned islanders on
the Rongelap and Rongerik atolls. Marshall Islanders there would later suffer
from birth defects and other complications due to exposure to the fallout. Fishermen
aboard the Daigo Fukuryu Maru would
also be adversely affected. Although the test was intended to be secret
(imagine keeping a blast like that secret), it created an international
incident and brought with it more attention to the dangers of atmospheric
nuclear tests.

So, what of Farrell’s article. Well, he notes
Lithium-7, which was assumed to be inert (along with the reactive lithium-6
isotope) was known to be as reactive and to cause such fusion reaction as was
seen at Bikini Atoll. But, he notes, “a former Nazi scientist, Dr. Ronald
Richter, working on fusion in Juan Peron’s Argentina … claimed to have obtained
fusion reactions” involving Lithium-7. This would have been a year before
Castle Bravo and the big “oops” that affected many people. As Farrell writes,
an Argentinian scientist had denounced Richter’s claims but only in regards to
the temperature at which Richter was claiming to get them. Richter’s findings
about Lithium-7’s reaction was never specifically denounced, meaning in all
likelihood the US military and the Los Alamos Laboratory scientists who created
the “Castle Bravo” bomb knew it too.  I'd hate to think the US military and their Nazi scientist pals made it bigger on purpose - knowing Lithium-7's reactive nature. Naw, they'd never lie about something like that ... Just check out Project 4.1 for more information and how Pacific Islanders have alleged that exposure of the islanders "was premeditated" so the Atomic Energy Commission "could develop medical capabilities for treating those exposed to fallout during nuclear war" and that the Marshallese were chosen due to their "marginal status in the world at large" and that "the U.S. chose to make guinea pigs out of (the Marshallese) because they are not white but some brown natives in some remote Pacific islands."

And as an aside, quite coincidentally, Joseph P.
Farrell wrote that piece on “Castle Bravo” and the Lithium-7 reaction on the
same day I was researching “Castle Bravo” and the effects the radioactive
fallout had on the nearby Marshall Islanders. To get an idea of how huge “Castle
Bravo” was, watch this video. It will take your breath away.

2012 Red Dirt Report

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