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Trumpism and the fascist menace

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OKLAHOMA CITY – For months now, Red Dirt Report has warned readers that the very real danger of full-fledged fascism looms in the United States of America.

Back in July, we noted how billionaire bully Donald rump was parroting the bombastic style and approach of Italy's fascist leader Benito Mussolini - "Il Duce." 

And if elected, Trump would make sure to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. because, well, “we’re at war.” He would then be leading the reactionary Republican Party and take America further into the hellscape of a militaristic police state, with a wall on the northern and southern borders.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) responded to Trump’s Muslim ban idea by saying, “Donald Trump sounds more like the leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours.”

As The Huffington Post noted Monday, Trump is particularly popular with American neo-Nazis and fascists, as noted by Andrew Anglin, who operates the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. Anglin referred to Trump as the "glorious leader" who will "make America white again' by sending "Moslems" back where they came from. 

Back in June, The Daily Stormer officially endorsed Trump, joining a growing list of white supremacist groups which have heartily joined the Trump fan club. And in the sizable conspiracy theory realm in the U.S., the granddaddy of American conspiracists, Alex Jones, interviewed Trump last week, calling him a "maverick" and someone taking politics to the "George Washington level," shockingly enough. Jones also noted that most of his listeners are Trump supporters. These are the same people who four years ago were in the libertarian "Ron Paul camp."

And just as nations in Europe - Austria, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, France, etc. - are increasingly embracing right-wing nationalism, violence towards migrants, Jews and others has increased. We are starting to see evidence of hatred and violence here as Trump continues to stir the pot with his hateful rhetoric.

Political scientist and Air Force veteran Sean Illing, writing for Salon, wrote: "Trump presents a real challenge to our political system. It’s a mistake to think fascism – real fascism – can’t happen here, or that it would never look anything like it has in the past. That’s a dangerous illusion. It’s not at all implausible to say we’re one more terrorist attack or economic downturn away from something like a Donald Trump presidency."

A Trump campaign sticker on a car in New Orleans (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

A leader of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky, analyzed the rise of fascism for years, before his assassination in 1940. In his 1934 analysis in his booklet Whither France?, Trotsky wrote: “The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizations and stifle political liberties when the capitalists find themselves unable to govern and dominate with the help of democratic machinery.”

Added Trotsky: “It may be said that fascism is the act of placing the petty bourgeoisie at the disposal of its most bitter enemies. In this way, big capital ruins the middle classes and then, with the help of hired fascist demagogues, incites the despairing petty bourgeoisie against the worker.” We are seeing this as Trump demonizes migrants and promises to build a "big, beautiful wall" to keep everyone else out - or else.

And while America is not talking about a proletarian revolution (not yet, anyway), Trotsky’s words do ring true. Just replace "worker" with Muslims, gays, African-Americans, Latinos, journalists, etc. and Trotsky is essentially talking about the same thing.

And as we have noted (read Red Dirt Report’s outstanding comic strip Fables of the 46 and note cartoonist Brad Gregg’s take on Trump and his neo-fascist and neo-Nazi tendencies) tiem and again, America is heading down a very dangerous path, as ABC News host George Stephanopoulos highlighted during a recent interview with Trump - a man who reportedly kept the writings of Hitler by his bedside some 25 years ago.

“You’re increasingly being compared to Hitler,” Stephanopoulos said. “Does that give you any pause at all?”

No,” said Trump. “Because what I am doing is not different than what FDR – FDR’s solution for Germans, Italians, Japanese, you know, many years ago.”

Reading between the lines – pretty easy to do so with Trump – this man, if he were president, would not hesitate to put Muslims – all Muslims – in internment camps.


And whither Oklahoma? According to right-wing political website The McCarville Report Online reported Tuesday that Trump had announced his list of "chairmen" for his campaign operations in Oklahoma. 

As McCarville noted: “The list of Oklahoma leaders endorsing Trump and county coordinators currently includes: Senator Ralph Shortey; Senator Mark Allen; Representative Mike Christian; Representative John Bennett; Representative Mike Turner; Bob Mills; Dan Keating & Kathy Keating; Rodney and Jill Timms; Dr. Sam & Lynn Coury; Bob Dani; Stan Ward; Lisa & Steven Kalman; Ferlin Kearns; Larry Stein; Darren Ward; Angie & Jason Thomas; Lester Claraval; Guy & Jennifer Madison; Beth Marshall; Ronnie Farmer; David Morgan; Orvel Robinson; Ella McDonald; Andy Barber; Suzanne Landess; D.W. & Rochelle Converse; Kelly Gatz; Jo Senske; John Horn; Richard Leathers; Monte Kleiner; Gene Marshall; and April Miller."

Note those names. Recall that Shortey, Christian and Bennett are some of the most dangerous legislators now serving. They are undoubtedly behind Trump's calls for border walls, internment camps and unfettered worship of the military.

McCarville also added that Trump "has hired State Director Stephanie Milligan and Field Director Ben Keel to lead the campaign’s Oklahoma operation." The post concluded by noting that "the most recent polls show Trump with a commanding lead in the state and he looks forward to visiting again soon.”

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