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Trump wants humans on Mars no later than 2024

James O. Davies via The Huffington Post
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Stonehenge, sporting his "Get Your Ass to Mars" T-shirt.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Apollo 11 astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon – Buzz Aldrin – has been talking up a manned voyage to Mars for years now, often sporting his trademark T-shirt with the somewhat crass slogan “Get Your Ass to Mars.”

Aldrin is obsessed with this idea. We are glad someone is, and who better than Buzz Aldrin, who gets a starry-eyed look on his face when he talks about Mars and its "potato-shaped moon" of Phobos.

So, on Monday morning, President Donald Trump spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station – Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer – about life aboard the space station and topics such as recycling urine to use as drinkable water.

And during the conversation between the White House and the ISS, the issue of sending humans to Mars was noted – Whitson suggested by the 2030’s – Trump brushed her comment aside, boldly declaring that a mission to Mars would need to have a speedier timeline and take place “at worst, during my second term.”

So, Trump is essentially saying that he is confident that by 2024 –at the latest – a manned mission to Mars could be conducted. He did say, during his inauguration, that he hoped American astronauts would explore the "mysteries of space." That certainly caught our attention.

Of course Trump is notorious when it come to his braggadocious statements, whether it is about a “big, beautiful wall” paid for by Mexico, or promising to release his tax returns. He seems to react to any situation in a wildly unpredictable way, but predictable in Trumpworld.

Still, this statement – when he has failed to get a new NASA administrator in office (will it be U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Tulsa?) – is very exciting. But remembering the man we are dealing with, it seems unlikely, unless there is a lot of money invested in seriously boosting our space program and working with private firms like SpaceX and others.

But we do support efforts to get humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond, so we are cautiously optimistic.

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