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Today's GOP buried in a blizzard of shame

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Voters show their disdain for Roy Moore in Alabama's special election on Tuesday.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Wisconsin-based radio talk-show host Charlie Sykes is the “go-to guy” in America for media outlets seeking commentary about the many shocking woes plaguing the morally bankrupt Republican Party.

Yes, the party of “family values” and of “moral sanctity” is rapidly become an irrelevant joke to many people who have been wise to the blizzard of bullshit the GOP has been dishing out for decades now and Sykes – who admits to helping build this Frankenstein monster called the modern GOP – had the courage to point out everything wrong with today’s Republicans in a recently-published book titled How the Right Lost Its Mind, which we reviewed here.

We noted the following in Sykes's book, in noting the Bannonist, alt-right takeover of the flaccid GOP:

"(There) came increased support of right-wing nationalism and what Sykes called "an explosion of hate" emenating from Internet trolls, neo-Nazis and racists who found refuge in the Trump camp, a camp that has embraced a "culture of intimidation" and politics of personal destruction, a phrase the right-wing talking heads often used when attacking the Left.

Sykes laments how Trump has tossed aside core conservative values like separation of powers, limited government and family values and has given his supporters a more "strongman" approach they had always longed for."

Of course the left/liberal crowd has been crowing about U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones’s victory in Alabama last night, and rightly so. But when Jones finally does take his spot on Capitol Hill, will he address the many problems that Alabamians face? From crushing poverty to labor exploitation to environmental degradation? Jones will certainly have his work cut out for him, while we all knew that had Moore won he would have been the in-your-face extremist who would still toe the party line.

A Democrat has not been sent to Washington from the Yellowhammer State in 25 years, and Moore – an utterly vile, toxic character – was soundly defeated by folks in a decidedly conservative, “red” state because of accusations against him regarding his alleged sexual molestation of underage girls, his anti-LGBTQ statements and his bizarre and odious comments noting how great America was when slavery was still accepted, among many other hateful, retrograde thoughts and comments.

And who can forget Moore’s outrageously-named Foundation for Moral Law-led “Secession Day” celebrations less than a decade ago, praising Alabama’s history when it was part of the Confederate States of America?

Was someone whistling “Dixie”?

And having lived in Alabama early in my journalistic career and having family there (they were big Jones supporters) I knew this trainwreck of a spectacle involving Moore and the horse he rode in on (somebody please check on “Sassy”’s whereabouts and wellbeing) was bordering on the farcical and unbelievable – and that, combined with the accusations against him, along with his disdain for women, Muslims and anyone not white and male – it was thought Moore might actually win on Tuesday.

"Hangin' Judge" Roy Moore rides to town to vote and stock up for winter. (The Daily Mail)

Thank god mild-mannered Doug Jones pulled it off. He ran a pretty solid campaign and seems truly honored that the good people in his homestate elected a pro-choice Democrat to represent them in Washington. Jones, we should note, has an "uphill battle" getting things accomplished, right off the bat, notes Alabama newspaper hub site 

So, reading Sykes’s New York Times editorial, “A GOP Tragedy in Four Acts,” this intellectually-honest conservative (and there seem to be fewer and fewer of them out there) writes that despite the defeated, dishonored and demoralized “Trumpified Republican Party” they seem willing to sink even further to the bottom. It's a great read and Sykes knows all-too-well what he is talking about.

Writes Sykes: “At every stage of the run-up to this special election, Republicans could have resisted, pushed back, or drawn lines, but their failure to do so led them inexorably to this moment: the defeat of an unreconstructed bigot and ignorant crank who had the full-throated backing of the president they have embraced and empowered.”

Fueled by sheer hate and malice, he writes, the Republicans – at least the leadership – is “post-truth, post-ethics and … post-shame.” This is the Trumpian GOP. No heart. No soul. Just greed, lies and immorality. For them to claim they are the party of Christian love and values is utterly fatuous.

Here in Oklahoma, our two Republican U.S. Senators – Jim Inhofe and James Lankford – offered weak statements regarding Moore and while they said he should step down, if elected, if the allegations were true, they did not say so emphatically, as one would expect a moral, upright Christian to do. After all, in Inhofe’s words, “it’s a numbers game” and the GOP is willing to put up with outrageous behavior where not so long ago, accusations that Moore, Trump and others have been hit with would not have been tolerated.

As Christianity Today painfully noted, the Christian faith - the evangelical version that Moore embodies - is forever "tarnished" after this whole unseemly political episode.

With Trump's popularity numbers in the low 30's and growing skepticism of the Republican Party in general, it should come as no surprise that the party of Lincoln is turning into the party of Mussolini. They refuse to admit when they are wrong and - deep down - know their time as an influential voice is limited going forward. That is why it is likely we will see more brazen behavior emenating from the Right in coming weeks and months. With Senator-elect Doug Jones waiting in the wings, the GOP's fragile majority is all-the-more brittle and they know there is still much (evil) work to be accomplished. 

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