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The SPLC's gathering storm of rage and fearmongering

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Morris Dees' profile of "right-wing rage," circa 1996, has been gathering dust on a bookshelf here at RDR headquarters.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Ah yes, the Southern Poverty Law
Center. Can anyone think of the Oklahoma City Bombing without linking that
esteemed Heart of Dixie-based nonprofit to that insidious terror plot. now nearly 18 years past? I know I can't.

And since poverty in the American South has long since
been stamped out (have you been to, say, Wilcox County, Alabama lately?) by the
slithery Morris Dees and co., these statist pimps in Montgomery, Alabama have
to justify their existence by getting the nation’s media (and the nation at
large, for that matter) in a lather about the rising number of adherents to “hate
and extremism.”

Now, we dislike (hate?) “hate and extremism” as much as the
next Constitution-loving American, but something tells me that the new SPLC Intelligence Report document “The Year in
Hate and Extremism
” is an example of their desire to further stir people up and
divide the U.S. more than it already has. Just check out the left-leaning media reports who are salivating over the SPLC's latest attempt to stir up fear and resentment in our country.

A cursory overview of the report, written by media
whore and Chicken Little-esque provocateur Mark Potok, reveals that the SPLC
has discovered that the number of hate groups in America in 2012 reached an all-time
high of 1,360 – far more than the “Patriot” movement  apex in 1996 of 858.

Potok and his staffers reveal that “conspiracy-minded
antigovernment ‘Patriot’ groups” are angry at a black president being in office
and of perceived attacks on 2nd amendment rights. Tea Partiers - dismissively insulted as "teabaggers" in some circles - are also implicated as being violent and unhinged. 

Writes Potok: “As President Obama enters his second
term with an agenda of gun control and immigration reform, the rage on the
right is likely to intensify.”

My sources in Montgomery inform me that noted civil
rights lawyer Morris Dees is a good guy. He likes cocktail parties and such and
wants a diverse and egalitarian America, as do most of us. But intellectually honest reporters also know Dees - who thinks the Jim Crow South still exists - has a dark side.

On my shelf here at the headquarters of Red Dirt Report, is a softcover copy of
Morris Dees’ 1996 book Gathering Storm: America’s Militia Threat. It came out a
time when I was starting out as a serious newspaper reporter and interest in
the “radical right” and “unauthorized militias” was – to use a term Mr. Dees
and Mr. Potok use abundantly – “all the rage,” particularly in the wake of the
1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building here in Oklahoma City.

Back when Dees’ book came out, I was a cub reporter
working alongside a stellar investigative reporter at the Fayetteville, Ark. bureau
of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. In
my spare time I also offered my services to the Ozark Gazette, based in
Fayetteville. While learning the trade at both papers, I compiled clippings and
other information largely on the prevalence of right-wing terror and white supremacy.
I recall info about the Aryan Nations and the Kehoe brothers, in particular, as
well as the murder of gun dealer William Mueller in Tilly, Arkansas. As it
turns out, white supremacists, many associated with the racist Christian
Identity movement, have found solace in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas and
Missouri, a region that includes the bucolic college town of Fayetteville - a place where I found myself quite a bit during much of the 1990's.

As an adolescent in Little Rock in 1985, I recall
the racist doomsday cult, The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord in north
Arkansas and their demise following a federal siege. I've always known the Ozarks to have its fair share of crazies and cultists. In fact, the CSA siege intrigued me and inspired a close friend of mine to include the event in a panel he did for a cartoon strip he drew at the time called "Scranton Village." Some good memories.

But back to Dees, Potok and the SPLC. At the opening of Gathering Storm, Dees’s “Author’s Note”
begins: “This is the story of a very dangerous movement, one the public knows
almost nothing about. To some it might read like fiction, but, unfortunately,
it is all true. Much of what I write about, I learned from close contact with
many of the far-right extremists who are behind the militia movement. Some of
the information was gained through undercover operations I cannot reveal …”

Can’t reveal it, huh Morris? Perhaps because it
might implicate you or your minions in a serious crime or cover-up?

In 2003, the late McCurtain Daily Gazette investigative reporter J.D. Cash reported
that the SPLC had an informant at Elohim City, where Timothy McVeigh had spent
some time.

Wrote Cash and Lt. Col. Roger Charles in ‘03: “References
to an informant working for the SPLC at Elohim City on the even of the Oklahoma
City bombing raises serious questions as to what the SPLC might know about
McVeigh’s activities during the final hours before the fuse was lit in Oklahoma
City – but which the SPLC has failed to disclose publicly.”

Makes one wonder why the SPLC is taken so seriously
when there are state-sponsored crimes that remain un-investigated.

Three years ago, in a Red Dirt Report article headlined “McVeigh and the ‘Hispanic man’ –
what did the feds know?
”, we wrote that Dees, at the time, was questioned about
the SPLC’s ties to infiltrating the militia movement and their involvement at
the racist Elohim City compound in rural Adair County, Oklahoma. Dees replied: “If
I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you.”

Jesse Trentadue, the Salt Lake City, Utah attorney
whose brother was caught in the dragnet, and murdered by federal agents in a
case of mistaken identity following the OKC bombing, said the FBI was working
with the SPLC to infiltrate the militias, like those at Elohim City. This was
after their botched raids at Ruby Ridge and the Mt. Carmel Branch Davidian
compound at Waco, Texas.

At the time I wrote that, in 2010, the Hutaree militia, a
group in Michigan that adhered to the ideology of the Christian Patriot
movement, was being touted as the beginning of a new right-wing rage campaign that
would sweep the country into a raging civil war.

But it never happened.

At the time of the Hutaree hoopla, posted
an article essentially saying that Dees, Potok and the SPLC gang made a
mountain out of a molehill, turning the “raving(s) of an isolated group of
white supremacists” having paintball fights in the Michigan woods into
something far more sinister, which, as it turned out, was not the case. Again,
Eric Holder’s Justice Department blew it. Just because the Hutaree were exposed
of being gun-toting illiterates did not mean most Constitutionalists and
critics of the global elite were talking of violence. Again, the SPLC were
wrong and in 2012, 7 of the 9 Hutaree defendants the DOJ arrested and charged were
acquitted and the remaining two were “sentenced to time served on
weapons-related charges.” Holder and co. would have to look for new boogeymen
to point to. The Ku Klux Klan is largely gone and marginalized. White Power groups are openly mocked and a new generation of young Americans are openly embracing a multicultural American society where support of same-sex marriage grows by the month. When the SPLC accepts this, what will they do? 

Yes, we have reported on through-the-roof gun sales.
We have reported on the strange circumstances surrounding recent tragedies as
witnessed in Tucson, Arizona, Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut. And
knowing that the SPLC is often looking to raise funds in the wake of these
horrible tragedies, one has to wonder if there isn’t something more afoot. They
wouldn’t be preying on people's fears of a rise in cross-burners and Bull Connor-types running amok, would they? Of course to even suggest such a thing or to ask questions that
make authority figures uncomfortable automatically lumps me in with the crazies
who say a global “one-world government” is in the making. They are crazy, after
all, right?

So, with all the attention being paid to the SPLC
this month in the wake of the release of their annual “hate and extremism”
report, we see that a lot of their concerns have to do with various incidents
of racism, anti-gay activities, and actual murders, including the attack on the
Sikh temple in Wisconsin, the bizarre plot by racists to take over Fort
Stewart, Ga. and other crimes. These obviously should not be ignored by the "Klanwatchers" in Montgomery, but are things as seriously bad or worse than they were during Bill Clinton's first term? Granted, the economy is worse today than it was then, but the concerns the SPLC raises in its new report appear blown out of proportion.

“These were only the latest incidents of just over
100 domestic radical-right plots, conspiracies and racist rampages that the
SPLC has counted since the Oklahoma City bombing left 168 men, women and
children dead in 1995.”

Ah yes, the Oklahoma City bombing. Just like David Cid, the executive director of the Oklahoma City-based Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism said back in 2010: "(there has been) a resurgence in 'domestic militancy' similar to what was seen before the Oklahoma City bombing." Cid is a former FBI man with a penchant for rooting out terrorism, particularly the domestic sort. And naturally he loves to invoke the Oklahoma City bombing. It's when he and Dees and other government shills are asked real questions that they balk and make excuses and walk away. Oh well ...

Yet, with all of the news gathering and so forth we
conduct here at Red Dirt Report, the SPLC
seems to be making far more out of this report – and its implications – than is
necessary. Of course they have to work to remain relevant, I suppose. In any
event, nothing is said about left-oriented environmental or animal-rights
extremists. Is the SPLC monitoring eco terrorists with possible sights on, say, the Keystone XL pipeline here in our fair state? They've had plenty of arrests involving protesters of the pipeline. I don't recall seeing anything about that in the SPLC report. What about the recent reports of racist hoaxes where – in the case
of colleges – a minority student, for instance, will secretly place a noose on their door,
seeking attention and trying to stir up hatred and resentment among their
fellow students. Again, these incidents provoke a lot mistrust and when it is
discovered to be a hoax, it makes matters even worse, particularly when real
incidents of hate and racial violence occur.

Yes, we will be monitoring the activities of
extremist groups and individuals and churches and so forth. They are out there.
But just as Attorney General Janet Reno noted in the fall of 1994 that “domestic
extremism” was on the rise – and the Murrah bombing took place the following
spring – discerning Americans need to research all the facts and not fall prey
to the fearmongering being touted by the Justice Department and their suspicious
comrades at the disreputable Southern Poverty Law Center.

2013 Red Dirt Report

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