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ROUGH SEAS: Will "Skipper" Holt sail our fair, Fat City between Scylla and Charybdis?

Holt for Mayor
Backlit by the setting sun so Cap'n Holt and his supporters don't appear so obviously white.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Mayoral candidate David Holt, the former state senator (read all about his accomplishments here) and Dubya-era Republican insider who worked long hours for outgoing Mayor McCheese (now running a bafflingly obtuse gubernatorial campaign) is believed to be the “shoo-in” as Fat City’s next mayor.

No doubt that this glad-hander is a charmer. And he’s been politicking long and hard for months, hitting all the usual family-friendly events around town, likely reassuring voters that Oklahoma City will continue to embrace the “status quo” of iron-fist-in-velvet-glove Republicanism that has so dominated city politics lo these many years.

As more and more cities embrace Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Holt, who claims Osage heritage, feigned ignorance when a Red Dirt Report contributor asked him about whether he would support IPD in place of the divisive Columbus Day observance. Essentially Holt replied, "Huh?" Pretty sad for a man who may soon lead a city with a sizable Native American population.

Clue in, Davy. The city is changing. And getting more diverse. Get with the times and get your head out of your ass. In a new campaign ad (sent early to supporters), Holt calls for "job growth, public safety, better streets and education." 

So, don’t expect Holt to rattle his overtly white, Republican supporters (just check out the above image in front of the Cape Hefner Lighthouse – Preventing Shipwrecks since 1842!) by giving OKC’s Native American population what they want – a voice in a very diverse city that is not represented by a very diverse city council (what about a 10th ward, gang?)

Or are you just a bunch of control freaks who fear what an extra ward on the southside might do to your plans for total domination of what happens in this city and how our tax dollars are spent?) What about urban hens? Or a decent minimum wage, Mr. Future Mayor? (Apologies to Randy Smith and Taylor Neighbors - no. chance. in. hell. - in fact, by not voting in this election, the grassroots will have more of a voice in the long run because it will force the establishment to pay attention to issues they've long ignored. Keep that in mind!)

Support for Holt seems mediocre, even though he is clearly expected to win big on Tuesday, Feb. 13. But turnout will likely be low. Cornett-Holt-Holt-Cornett, they both morph into this Goober/Gomer entity that is all "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!" we're from the city - and we're here to help you. Please just ignore the man behind the curtain - the one in the yachting cap.

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