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The Noble Lie continues

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Noble Lie Continues

“A myth or untruth told by the
Elite to preserve social harmony and the position of that Elite”

By Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

   As the writer and
producer for the newly-released
A Noble Lie, a
documentary exposing the official lie behind the Oklahoma City bombing, I was
more than interested in a recent Newsweek
article that
chronicles the undercover activities of John Matthews.  Matthews, disillusioned by the illegal
activities and plots of violence within the circle of Right Wing extremists
that he ran with, became an FBI informant and reported on their activities for
years.  I was intrigued at the prospect
of a mainstream account of the FBI’s undercover activities against domestic terror
threats in the Nineties and
particular.  PATCON, short for Patriot
Conspiracy, was a very hush-hush
will get you killed”)
FBI undercover operation directed against Right
Wing groups across the nation like the Texas Reserve Militia and the Civilian
Military Assistance group, referred to as the CMA.  PATCON-targeted groups were implicated in
stealing military hardware from bases and plotting assassinations and bombings. 

   Revelations about
the Oklahoma City bombing by journalists, researchers and whistleblowers, as
detailed in
Noble Lie
, indicate that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms, the ATF, were involved in an undercover sting operation
that culminated disastrously with the bombing, and the subsequent
cover-up.  The Oklahoma City bombing may
have had its genesis in PATCON. 

   Frankly I was
surprised that a mainstream rag like Newsweek would investigate PATCON, given
the magazine’s past examples of complicity in government cover-ups and
subservience to corporate interests.  I
was tipped off to the upcoming article by Jesse Trentadue, an attorney from
Salt Lake City, Utah and interview subject in our film, whose brother
Kenneth Trentadue
(warning: graphic photos) was tortured and murdered in federal custody weeks
after the Oklahoma City bombing.  It was
determined that
Kenneth had been killed in a case of mistaken identity, that the FBI thought he
was John Doe Number 2, one of the alleged accomplices to Tim McVeigh, the convicted

Life as a White Supremacist,”
put out through Newsweek’s
online organ, The Daily Beast, was a far cry from a true expose of the FBI’s
undercover activities against the Far Right in the Nineties.  While an interesting story of paid undercover
operative John Matthews in his adrenaline-fueled escapades with haters and
wanna-be terrorists, it neglects to even mention the name of the operation he
was working for: PATCON. 

   Along comes the Sipsey
Street Irregulars
, a blog edited by Mike Vanderboegh, former
editor of the John Doe Times.  Sipsey
Street has demonstrated the rising power of independent media, by collaborating
with a small number of journalists and blogs to push the ATF’s
scandal into the mediaspace and prompting some very harsh Congressional
inquiries, and calls for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder.  Gunwalker is name given by Vanderboegh to the
ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, whereby thousands of guns were allowed by ATF
agents to be purchased in the U.S. by Mexican drug cartel operatives and taken
into Mexico, to be used in the deadly drug wars that have claimed tens of
thousands of lives so far.  It is
estimated that at least 200 Mexican soldiers and citizens have been killed by Gunwalker
weapons, and two American law enforcement officers. 

   Attorney General
Eric Holder, who authorized and Fast and Furious, refused to take responsibility
for the
of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
by a Gunwalker weapon.  Previously Holder, as Assistant Attorney
General under Janet Reno, had been in charge of the
, the Justice Department’s attempts to cover up evidence in
the murder of Kenneth Trentadue.

   In the SSI
written by Vanderboegh, he reveals what was gutted from the
original article by
Editor-in-Chief at Newsweek.  The leaked original shows that undercover
informant John Matthews reported seeing Tim McVeigh with bombing suspect
Andreas Strassmeier before the bombing. 
Strassmeier was a
German citizen and
officer who made the tour of the White
Supremacist movement in the early Nineties and then settled down in a
separatist community in Eastern Oklahoma called Elohim City.  Tim McVeigh is known to have made
phone calls
and visits to Elohim City, despite FBI protests
to the contrary.  And Strassmeier was
living with several members of the
Aryan Republican Army, also
implicated in the bombing, but their roles ignored by the FBI.

   Leaked FBI
obtained by Jesse Trentadue show that Andy Strassmeier was
acting as an undercover informant for the government under the cloak of the
Southern Poverty Law Center, which was providing information on extremist
groups to the FBI.  So it is very curious
that Newsweek chose to cut out all references to McVeigh, Strassmeier and

   Tina Brown’s
Newsweek also excised the portion of the article detailing the harrowing
journey of
in his quest to find out the truth of his brother’s murder,
which led to startling revelations about the OKC bombing. The Justice
Department certainly did not want Newsweek to expose its readership to the
that was perpetrated in the torture and murder of an
innocent man, and the flood of documents pertaining to the bombing, that Trentadue
continues to expose through Freedom of Information Act battles with the FBI and
CIA.  Jesse is currently
the FBI
over the videotapes on or around the stricken Murrah
building that would show exactly who perpetrated the deed, and how it was
done.  The FBI claims that they
find these tapes
, the most important pieces of evidence in the
OKC bombing.

   The fact that a
mainstream media machine like Newsweek still feels it is necessary to bow to
the wishes of the Justice Department over its true role in the OKC bombing demonstrates
why the independent media is so relevant today. 

   A Noble
is the first full-length documentary examining the Oklahoma
City bombing in the light of new and suppressed evidence that shows the
official story to be a lie, from top to bottom. 
Released the same week as the censored Newsweek story broke, in an
uncanny sense of timing and relevance that has defined its making, the film highlights
the exact information that Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown deemed too sensitive for
our eyes. 

   A Noble Lie demonstrates that McVeigh,
Strassmeier and other suspects were operating under the careful eye of the FBI
and ATF, and that Strassmeier was seen by a witness in the doomed Murrah
Federal Building with bomb materiel. The film shows the exact documents
relating to Strassmeier’s infiltration of the Texas Reserve Militia, and
reported to the FBI by John Matthews, that were cut from the original Newsweek article. 

   From the beginning
of the making of this film, we have been committed to presenting the real
history of the bombing, to ask the questions that need to be asked for the sake
of the victims, and for the sake of freedom in this country.  The ongoing Gunwalker scandal demonstrates
the capacity of the Justice Department to tolerate outrageous crimes in order
a political end

Operation Fast and Furious has already killed more people than the
Oklahoma City bombing, and is receiving front page headlines across America.  Did Operation PATCON kill 168 people in Oklahoma
City, including nineteen children?


Van den Nieuwenhof is a native Oklahoman and writer and producer for
A Noble



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