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New GOP caucus is "disgustingly inhumane"

Republican Platform Caucus is just itching to send them back where they came from.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Since Oklahoma became, essentially, a single-party state a few years back, the Republican Party has been running wild, and increasingly becoming more and more extreme, while essentially forgetting what it is to be human.

In fact, they have taken on a sort of AI “hive mind” mentality. So when we noticed some of the more extreme legislators (Mike Ritze, John Bennett, Chuck Strohm, etc.) formed the “Republican Platform Caucus,” it was trumpeted from the State Capitol that Republicans would finally have a unified voice.

As our friend Jamison Faught, over at Muskogee Politico noted, this new caucus will strictly focus on the core principles of the party platform and uphold those values. 

But we are reading between the lines, especially as these caucus members ignore the state's most serious issues in favor of highlighting their pet issues, which in our eyes means becoming an even more hardline, whites-only,Christian supremacist club that will tell women and minorities how to live their lives. This, while filing ever-more absurd, time-wasting bills that will likely end up being challenged in court and wasting those same taxpayer dollars they claim they want to save and conserve.

Ritze, the extreme-right, Ten Commandments monument-erecting legislator from Broken Arrow really wants to stick it to the “illegals,” telling media outlets that he wants to save the state $60 million by rounding up “82,000 non-English speaking students” and handing these children over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This, of course, would traumatize these children, breaking up families and these cruel clowns down at the Capitol would rave about what great patriots they are.

We were pleased to see that ACLU-OK Director Ryan Kiesel wasn't having any of it, as the following statement reflects:

Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. (Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report)

The Republican Platform Caucus is using cheap, tired tactics of political distraction in an attempt to create confusion about Oklahoma’s true problem—a failing Legislature. Indeed, the Oklahoma Legislature is a far greater threat to the safety and prosperity of Oklahomans than any child that may have entered this Nation from one of our borders.

This proposal might be laughable if it weren’t made at the expense of real human beings, common decency, and the United States Constitution. Threatening 82,000 children with arrest and internment that would turn their entire lives upside down is disgustingly inhumane.


The United States Supreme Court has ruled in Plyler v. Doe that all children living in this Nation are guaranteed the right to a public education. The ACLU will not stand for any attempt to strip any student of that right, nor will we allow the Legislature to insert racial profiling or discriminatory stereotypes about non English speakers into our schools.


A government that threatens to turn children over to law enforcement to avoid educating them should alarm and outrage all Oklahomans of conscious. Immigration authority has no place in our schools. Racial profiling has no place in our schools, proposing an agenda that states otherwise, those members of the Legislature pushing this proposal have demonstrated very clearly they consider themselves the enemies of the children they were elected to represent and protect.”

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