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Nationalism and fascism on the rise around the globe

Ukraine's neo-fascist Right Sektor is gaining strength in that troubled country.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As we have been noting here at Red Dirt Report for months now, there is definitely a nationalistic and fascistic streak crossing the globe.

Observe what is taking place in India with the election of Narendra Modi, as we noted in our recent piece “Hindu supremacist Modi: ‘Toilets first, temples later.”

You have the Indian people voting in a far-right, Hindu nationalist who was denied entry into the United States, until recently, for his alleged role in an “anti-Muslim pogrom” in 2002. He is also allied with a cultish, paramilitary group called the RSS, a group modeled after Nazi Germany’s Brownshirts, among others.

And yet Modi was overwhelmingly voted in in last week’s election. What is going on?

And speaking of which, look at the troubled Ukraine. A full-fledged civil war seems to be breaking out and the U.S. and Europe are taking sides against Russia. And the U.S. is essentially backing fascist, anti-Semitic organizations. It’s a scary picture that is coming together.

More nationalism. More fascism. Calls are going out for Japan to beef up its military as its government takes on a more fervent nationalistic bent.

Justin Raimondo, writing over at, in a piece simply headlined “The return of nationalism,” writes ominously (as I have been – and Carl Jung before me) “As we approach the centenary of the start of World War I, I can feel in myself, and see in others around me, a sense of déjà vu. It looks like history is restarting – with a bloody vengeance.”

Writes Raimondo: “The revival of nationalism in the new millennium is not of that sort, unfortunately: it is, instead, based on hatred of the foreigner, the Other, who must be eliminated before the nation can be secured. And you’ll note that these movements are being generated in countries where economic deprivation, corruption, and authoritarian governments give ordinary people few outlets of political expression.”

And this week, in The New York Times, a story headlined “Far-right fever for a Europe tied to Russia,” France’s far-right National Front sees a lot they like in Putin’s Russia where profanity is banned at “arts, cultural and entertainment events.” Dictators love censorship, and here in America, right-wing thugs and virulently anti-gay activists like Bryan Fischer salute Putin's repressive, censorship decrees from afar.

As The Times’ Andrew Higgins writes: “No longer dismissed, as they were for decades, as fringe cranks steeped in anti-Semitism and other noxious beliefs from Europe’s fascist past, the National Front and like-minded counterparts elsewhere on the Continent are expected to post strong gains in this week’s election, which begins on Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands and then rolls across Europe through Sunday.”

Rather than working together towards a common goal, humanity seems to be fracturing to a certain degree. Nationalism. Tribalism. Call it what you will. This cannot lead us in a positive direction.

As I write this, Love and Rockets’ version of The Temptations hit “Ball of Confusion” is playing. Indeed, Planet Earth is a “ball of confusion.”

Sings “Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors / Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand, suicide, too many bills / Hippies moving to the hills. People all over the world are shouting, ‘End the war.’”

Will they listen?

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