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MADNESS: The war without a name
Pope Francis warns the world that a global war is now underway - in "piecemeal" fashion.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – An undeniable madness is sweeping the globe as 2014 seems to embrace the ghosts of 1914 and 1939. Ideological zealots with soulless eyes and a willingness to butcher any and all who cross their path, have frightened nations around the world.

Fascists and neo-Nazis now controlling the government of Ukraine – with the backing of the West – are pushing Russia ever-closer to a thermonuclear war, as Russian bombers prowl near American airspace. They are practicing nuclear missile strikes against the U.S.!! And all this as the EU and US expand economic sanctions against Russia. You can only poke the Bear so many times, before it strikes back.

And the Ukrainian fascists, backed by the U.S. and heralded by U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), are commiting war crimes, according to a new report from human-rights group Amnesty International.

Far-right nationalists like Japan’s dangerous, nuke-power-loving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are “palling around” with his nation’s leading neo-Nazi leader. Far-right extremists are also showing their ugly faces in places like Sweden, France and elsewhere.

Independence movements are growing. Scotland is scheduled to vote next to break away from the United Kingdom. British authorities, including Prime Minister David Cameron, are in a panic.

In the Spanish city of Barcelona this week, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand that the Catalonia region, where they are located, be allowed to vote for Independencia!

Reactionary Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has refused to allow such a a referendum, which can only lead to more protests and revolution. We are even hearing of rumors of another Spanish civil war. Oh mi corazon!

Nationalism and fascism are on the rise around the globe, we wrote back in May. As neoliberal powers in Europe and elsewhere began to flounder and austerity led to the public's distrust of their government, extremist elements saw a moment. Their opening. And then ISIS came along. 

Meanwhile, Communist China is starting to feel the global economic pinch as things begin to slow down. I suspect that within a decade a new "ideology" is going to take hold as conditions worsen for all but the elite, around the world.

Deadly diseases like Ebola have the Grim Reaper working overtime on the beleaguered continent of Africa. And while we have seen Ebola’s deadly embrace before, this one seems different. Some commentators have noted the lack of photographs, which would show the world how bad this Ebola outbreak really is. As that situation worsens, expect rioting in major African cities like we've never seen. 

Today, Pope Francis told the world, during a visit to Italy’s largest war memorial, a large, Fascist-era monument where more than 100,000 soldiers who died in World War I are buried, that all of the conflicts around the world are effectively a “piecemeal” World War III.

“War is madness,” Pope Francis told the crowd. “Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.”

And as U.S. armed forces prepare to destroy the ISIS terrorist network in Syria, Iraq or wherever they may be found, Secretary of State John Kerry is refusing to officially refer to our offensive actions as being that of “war.”

And President Obama? Going after ISIS does not require him to consult Congress or get congressional approval to go to war. The "constitutional professor" has utter contempt for that beloved document. Obama is a war pig and Congress is utterly ineffectual and mad. Will British tourists in Turkey be blown up by Turkish bombs in the streets of Istanbul by ISIS suicide bombers? This is a growing concern as the "war without a name" expands and worsens and more ISIS recruits flood into that part of the world. 

To think that airstrikes are going to stop ISIS is like believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. It won't happen. Pope Francis is tapping into something major here - we are on the precipice of a major global conflict, something we have been warning against for some time here at Red Dirt Report.

And as we have been repeating here this week: "Look out! Look out!"

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