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Imperialist-led "Chicken Kiev" coup another example of U.S.- not Russian - aggression

Gary Varvel / The Indianapolis Star
Absurd, inaccurate propaganda cartooning that latter-day "Der Sturmer" fans would appreciate.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – For those of you who didn’t waste part of your perfectly-good Sunday morning watching the usual Orwellian propaganda outlets wringing their hands over Russian President Vladimir Putin and the recent vote in Crimea and situation in Ukraine, well, you didn’t miss much.

The script was followed and the usual neocons were wheeled out (Paul “Wolfie” Wolfowitz, where ya been?) demanding that something must be done!!! How dare Putin act in the best interest of the Russian people and Russian interests? Doesn’t he know that only the imperialists in the West are allowed to invade other countries and force their will on those people?

Except in this case, the citizens in Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. For all intents and purposes a democratic process was completed – only, the aggressors in the West did not approve of the outcome – for as much as they claim to wholly support democratic values.

So, what’s the deal? It’s that Putin doesn’t follow the orders of the fascist forces abroad.

So, naturally they paint him as the new Hitler. On the editorial page of the Sunday edition of the Fat City Times-Truncheon (aka The Oklahoman) there was a cartoon drawing of Putin at a drafting table writing “Russia” over Asia, Africa and Australia, implying that he has his eyes on other lands and ultimately a plan to rule the world.

Absolute hogwash and fearmongering, unsurprisingly. But with sanctions planned and European powers committed to an offensive against Putin and Russia, it would appear there is no turning back now. Putin dared to spit in the eye of the U.S. and the EU and the fascist stooges who were involved in the recent “Chicken Kiev” coup.

Don’t believe the lies and propaganda being fed to you by the so-called mainstream media, who are told to do so by the banking oligarchs who are ramping up their efforts to establish a global dictatorship. People like Putin are thwarting their plans.

And we all know it is the imperialist American forces and their European lapdogs who are the true aggressors. Recent history proves that.

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