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Mayor "Slick Mick" Cornett looks askance, over his Sonic soft drink, at progressive Councilman Ed Shadid during panhandling ordinance discussion on Tuesday.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As the United States appears to be spinning uncontrollably down the political drain as the crass and vulgar racist Donald Trump inexplicably manages to control every seeming aspect of political life in 2015, something equally ugly and brutish is taking hold closer to home, down at City Hall.

It wasn’t enough for the majority of the City Council of Oklahoma City to utterly dismiss and ignore the Native American population regarding a proposal to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day back in October. No, the City Council once again showed the citizenry that even during the lead-up to Christmas, a time of helping our fellow human beings, it was time to show their true colors – green – due to the fact that they most resemble Dr. Seuss’s miserable Grinch after voting to prevent activity on a street median, at least 200 feet from an intersection.

"I propose we put the poor and homeless on a diet," said the mayor of Fat City.

And in addition to being Grinch-like the seven people who voted for this ordinance, which will effectively cause the homeless-helping Curbside Chronicle to eventually fold, the council once again ignores the needs of the homeless, poor and disabled.

As Ranya O’Connor, founder of the Curbside Chronicle told the council yesterday, as reported by Red Dirt Report's Tim Farley, this ordinance is a “direct attack on the poor” and she accused the council of being “uncomfortable with visible poverty.”

The heartlessness that infects the majority of members of the City Council is truly shocking. Sure, they say they are interested in “safety" and would probably claim to be good, Bible-believing Christians. But I guarantee you that this is about ignoring those who are truly struggling here in Fat City, Oklahoma. It’s a tenet of Trumpism to despise those who aren’t “winners” (i.e. “the poor”).   

Oklahoma City’s very own ignorant Trumpists include: Mayor “Slick Mick” Cornett (he of the "bum blockades") and councilmembers Meg “Cruella” Salyer (the ordinance was her idea, unsurprisingly), John “Rubber Stamp” Pettis, Mark “Smails” Stonecipher,  David “Janus” Greenwell, Larry “Swaggart” McAtee and James “Galt” Greiner.

The two honorable men who declined to go along with Salyer’s hard-hearted ordinance were Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid and Ward 4’s Pete White. These two have been outnumbered by the Grinch class for far too long.

As White said: "We’re criminalizing an activity that involves mostly poor and mentally ill people. We can call it whatever we want, but it’s a panhandling ordinance, not a public safety one.”

Shockingly, when "Smails" Stonecipher wasn’t shaking his golf club at protesters, activists and concerned citizens who expressed their concerns about the ordinance and had the gall to invoke the First Amendment and the right to free speech, Ol’ Stonecipher sneered and said, “We need to put a hold on the First Amendment.”

Dreaming about being back on the links at Bushwood and away from these smelly, loud "poor" people. Won't they shut up? (Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report)

There! One of these despicable Trumpists went ahead and actually admitted they have complete and utter disregard for the Constitution and our freedoms. This is Trumpism on the micro scale – right here in Fat City!

For more on the meanspirited motivations behind Cruella Salyer's ordinance - which goes into effect in one month - read Bob Waldrop's column from September, which eviscerates the proposal and the reasoning behind it. 

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