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HELP! - ISIS, the Middle East tinderbox & World War III

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Well-funded ISIS terrorists seem to have come from out of nowhere to become the world's new boogeyman.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – With the recent centennial observation of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in late June 1914, one can’t help but look back and wonder why the killing of the nephew of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef was the flashpoint?

British agents with the “Black Hand” secret society/terrorist organization were ultimately responsible for the Sarajevo assassination, but that is not widely known.

And around the same time that world events were leading to the assassination as the Archduke rode in his “blood-red death car” with the license plate “A lll 118” (spookily interpreted as “Armistice 11 Nov 1918”) that Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung was involved in some heavy synchronicity, as noted in The Red Book, suggesting “a great war” was on the horizon for the continent of Europe. I wrote about it in a piece called "Ominous and prophetic."

“…I was suddenly overcome in broad daylight by a vision: I saw a terrible flood that covered all the northern and low-lying lands between the North Sea and the Alps. It reached from England to Russia, and from the coast of the North Sea right up to the Alps. I saw yellow waves, swimming rubble, and the death of countless thousands.”

This unsettling premonition by Jung occurred in October 1913, just months before the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was shot dead, along with his wife Sophie.

For a well-considered overview of the events that led to the beginning of WWI that hot summer 100 years ago, we point you to the World Socialist Web Site article “One hundred years since Sarajevo” by David North.

North quotes Leon Trotsky, who offered this statement regarding the significance of the war: “The War of 1914 is the most colossal breakdown in history of an economic system destroyed by its own inner contradictions.”

North said that with two imperialist world wars that “cost the lives of tens of millions,” that such a catastrophe must be avoided at all costs.

“Mankind cannot survive another world war,” wrote North. “Which would inevitably be waged with nuclear weapons.”

Indeed. And so back in January, in a piece I wrote titled “Wider wars inevitable in ’14?,” I focused on China’s dark intentions, particularly in the South China Sea, against the Philippines.

The Ukraine-Russia stalemate shows no signs of improving and the West's continued demonization of Russia is not helping matters. Portions of Africa are in chaos, while the Middle East is on the verge of exploding as the U.S. and Europe take a step back and seemingly allow (as we did in WWI and WWII) circumstances reach critical mass. Who will Russia and China side with in the Middle East tinderbox?

“Are we living in the long July of 1914?” asked political writer Webster Griffin Tarpley last week on Coast to Coast AM.

Now that it is July 2014 – 100 years later – perhaps this sleepy, summer month is when the real fuse is lit. While folks are on vacation and tired of hearing about politics. Such was the case back then as well.

So, what is our “Sarajevo”? Our road to World War III? Does it go through Crimea? Mosul? Damascus? Scarborough Shoal?

Doug Hagmann, writing for Canada Free Press, notes the issue of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and how that the development of this radical Islamic group started as long ago as 10 years ago. And as I asked today on KOKC’s “Mitchell in the Morning” radio program, how did ISIS get so well funded?

Hagmann touches upon that topic.

“It’s even more unlikely that you will hear about the financing of ISIS, for it is perhaps the most heavily funded terror organization in the world. Even before ISIS overran Mosul last week and pillaged Iraqi banks of hundreds of millions of dollars, ISIS financial documents that were seized during operations in Iraq disclosed that their net worth before they entered Mosul to be at least $900 million,” wrote Hagmann.

The author suggests that the wheels in motion in the Middle East are leading to “one of the most significant geopolitical events of the last century.” How will this affect you and your family? Hagmann writes that the ultimate goal of these fast-moving events is to ultimately “kill the U.S. dollar through a proxy war with Russia” and that the destruction of America’s middle class will lead to the creation of a “new global economic order” and the “destruction of the sovereignty of the United States.”

Of course after World War I, political extremism emerged in Europe and around the world – fascism, Nazism and communism – was allowed to flourish and ultimately led to the Second World War.

It’s undeniable that we are seeing a return to various “isms” of our recent past. Fascism seems to be on the march, as radical right-wing groups flourish in corners of Europe (Ukraine, France, Spain and Sweden). There are no real leaders at the moment, which leaves a vacuum, a way for a charismatic leader to rise from the chaos. It’s certainly happened before and it could certainly happen again. 

And the question is ... what would come out of the ashes of a third world war? Don't think any of this is random. This is part of a long-term plan and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

And we watch as 300 American “advisors” are sent to Iraq, almost three years after troops left that troubled land. And ISIS? Reports are coming out that “covert operations” involving ISIS terrorists at a base in Jordan were taking place – the funding and training of ISIS by our own government.

And before signing off, I have to make mention of an album and film that has been on my mind a lot lately – The Beatles’ Help! From 1965 - I think it is a significant sync for me and for the world. It syncs with a post from The Libyan Sybil and "The ISIS Crisis." In it, Sibyl notes the link between the goddess Isis and the goddess Kali, both of which we've been hearing bandied about lately.

 At this point I'm going to conflate the two goddesses Isis and Kali because they're both faces of the same underlying archetypal feminine energy— Isis, the nurturing wife/mother, and Kali, the vengeful wife/mother.

Sibyl makes some interesting points and links back to Help! and The Beatles. 

In Devin McKinney’s fascinating 2003 book Magic Circles: The Beatles in Dream and History, he references the “Kali cultists” who seek to bring violence and death to the one who “wears the ring” and that the goddess of death, Kali, will not be satisfied until this happens.

“Sacrifice, remember, is the theme,” writes McKinney. “In the course of the movie, the Beatles are driven to relinquish ever more of themselves in order to remain insulated from the madness they’ve inspired – which is now other people’s madness more than their own.” 

ISIS-Kali is inspiring "madness." Look at the ISIS photos on Google images and prepare to be shocked. The world seems to be descending into madness and war and people, increasingly, are doing their best to insulate themselves from what is taking place outside their front door. Escapist technology and so forth. There's no marching in the streets against imperialism and war much anymore. By 1965-66, The Beatles were doing their best to survive, particularly as Help's Kali cultists (or crazed fans) hunted them down.

To learn more, check out this video, linked at Activist Post, called "ISIS The Start of World War III?"

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