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The growing call for a global ban on nuclear weapons

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Checking the Twitter feed of Peter Garrett, former Midnight Oil frontman and Australian politician, I noticed that he had tweeted a link to a column he had written on February 14, 2014 for The Sydney Morning Herald headlined “Enough kowtowing – time to ban the bomb.

Writes Garrett, a former Labor minister: “Today the number of warheads stands at about 17,000, each one capable of obliterating cities and regions in a maelstrom of radioactive fallout. Rogue states such as North Korea threaten to activate their nuclear capacity, terrorists traffic in nuclear material, and the ever-present possibility of accidents makes it likely that the unthinkable will one day happen.”

For example, Garrett says that were nuclear war to break out between India and Pakistan, “up to 1 billion people would face starvation” and “no international response plan could adequately deal with nuclear detonation.”

This said, Garrett urged his native Australia and the world to finally follow-through with nuclear disarmament.

“The human and environmental consequences of a nuclear exchange are so great, and the current progress to eliminate them so slow, that a majority of countries are seeking a new treaty that makes the possession of nuclear weapons illegal.”

We agree with Garrett on all of his assessments and agree that all nuclear powers on the planet must be disarm, ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. In fact, it was Peter Garrett and his music with rockers Midnight Oil who informed us of the insanity of nuclear war, in such songs as 1984's "Minutes to Midnight," on their Red Sails in the Sunset album, a song we recently (and synchromystically) addressed in a Dust Devil Dreams article.

And you know who is echoing Peter Garrett? Not only Canadian parliamentarian Paul Dewar, as noted in this new article in The Globe & Mail, but a legislator from Iran named Hossein Shohani-Nia, who this month made remarks at the Standing Committee on Peace and International Security at a meeting of the Inter-parliamentary Union in Geneva, Switzerland.

Iran, of course, is being bullied by the West about their own nuclear development, while Israel has as many as 400 nuclear warheads, yet maintains a policy of “nuclear ambiguity” and refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons still poses the greatest threat to global security and human civilization, but nuclear-armed countries still insist on maintaining their nukes and their policy of nuclear deterrence,” Shohani-Nia said.

The Iranian legislator added, according to the Press TV report, that “nuke-armed countries can contribute to nuclear disarmament by passing laws that would oblige their respective governments to reduce and eliminate their nuclear stockpiles.”

The aforementioned New Democratic Party parliamentarian Paul Dewar of Canada, in his article "Why Canada needs to be a leader in elimination of nuclear weapons," he fervently argues that nukes are wasteful, counterproductive and obsolete, particularly in an era when cyberterrorism is a far more likely threat. Of course the nukes are out there and could be used at any time in this world. Shaky fingers just inches away from the red button ...

Meanwhile, as the crisis grows in Ukraine over Crimea, U.S.-Russia relations are at their lowest point since the Cold War and Israel is reportedly planning for a possible strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities sometime this year, reports India TV News today.

The report states that the Israeli military was to “continue training for a possible independent strike” against Iran, “regardless of the diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian issue peacefully.”

Maybe if we banned nuclear weapons and nuclear power and looked for safer, greener alternatives, the world would be a more peaceful, happier place. 

But the madness, in the meantime, will apparently continue unabated, as cooler heads are ignored. 

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