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"The evil is us" and other reasons why we shouldn't meddle in Ukraine

Mediaite via Ukrainian Pravda
McCain's thuggish pals in the fascistic Svoboda party bully and rough-up a TV CEO in Ukraine.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As the neoconservative warmongers in Congress and the Obama administration move us ever closer to full-blown World War III in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine, the obsequious mainstream U.S. press has been willfully ignoring the fascist thugs and killers in Svoboda and Right Sector parties who are making life difficult for many Ukrainians and pro-Russia folks in that country and Crimea.

And everybody knows the U.S. backed the fascist coup in Kiev. We have been reporting on this for several weeks now. 

Ukrainian Pravda, via a report at Mediaite headlined “Far-right Ukrainian MPs attack State TV CEO, force him to resign,” is a frightening example of how serious things are getting in Ukraine, particularly now that Crimea voted to rejoin Russia.

After roughing up the Ukrainian TV CEO, “they forced the CEO to write and sign his resignation on the spot and later ‘shoved’ him into an SUV to be taken to an undisclosed location.”

This, on a day where Russian President Vladimir Putin “delivered an incendiary speech” which justified his country’s reclamation of the former Ukrainian territory. Amidst all that, a Ukrainian officer was killed in a confrontation in Simferopol, Crimea. There is now talk that the conflict in Ukraine is “shifting from a political to a military stage.”

But while the Western press and simpering fools in Congress like John McCain, Chris Murphy and Peter King seek to push back against Putin and possibly get us involved in a war like no other, cooler heads are wondering why the heck we are even meddling in Ukraine to begin with? Psychotics like McCain are playing with fire, provoking Russia. Putin’s approval ratings are over 70 percent and Obama’s is in the low 40’s last I looked.

In a column called “Simple stuff about Ukraine,” political writer Philip Giraldi writes that Putin and Russia aren’t the evil ones in this game – “the evil is us.”

“We started the Ukraine problem by meddling with a democratically-elected Ukrainian government which was admittedly corrupt and autocratic, but legal nonetheless.” Later in the column, Giraldi writes: “So here is the simple truth about Ukraine – we have no genuine national interests there and we are needlessly provoking Russia which does have legitimate interests … (Putin) has enough nuclear weapons and delivery systems to destroy both the United States and the rest of the world.”

This is a sobering thought.

Meanwhile, political writer Joseph Kishore at World Socialist Web Site, writes that “(t)here is no country that so brazenly violates international borders as the United States, in dealing with regimes it deems a hindrance to its global geostrategic, and economic aims. U.S. imperialism treats the principles of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of nations  - which it is presently invoking against Russia – not as suggestions, but as irrelevancies.” 

These next few weeks will be critical as Russia makes more moves and the dithering Obama administration, along with crazed types like McCain, try to take the world over the edge of the cliff.

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