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Evidence of early man found outside of Frederick

Lance Bohannon
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FREDERICK, Okla. -- “Was there a race to Rio?", is a rhetorical question asked by archaeologists who question the conventional wisdom that asserts that both North and South America were originally populated by people who emigrated there from Asia approximately 11,500 years ago.

Those dissident archaeologists pointed to evidence that indicated human habitation of both continents prior to that time and said that those early inhabitants must have raced across Asia to North and South America in record time to establish settlements there in accordance to what is known of early man’s presence in Asia.

University of Oklahoma Professor David Deming has recently written of human artifacts recently discovered in San Diego, California that indicate humans have been in North America for over 150,00 years, and asserts that this continent may be where human life originated.

While it has been believed that human life began in Africa and that groups of humans later moved to Europe, Asia, and later the Americas, Deming points to evidence previously found outside of the community of Frederick in Tillman County in southwest Oklahoma- a gravel deposit that is half a mile wide and seven miles in length.

In the early 1920’s part of that land was a commercial gravel pit owned and operated by A. H. Holloman, who contacted archaeologists after he began to uncover human artifacts and ancient animal fossils in the pit. According to Deming, those archaeologists concluded that those artifacts and remains appeared to indicate that there were humans present at that location more than 150,000 years ago but since their findings were at variance with the prevailing orthodoxy of the time, they were largely ignored by the scientific community and Holloman eventually closed the pit.

According to Lance Bohannon, whose family’s farm extends over a portion of that gravel deposit and is adjacent to the Holloman property, it continued to be a  subject of interest and inspection to the residents of Frederick. Bohannon reports that his grandfather supposedly found a mammoth’s tusk there in the 1920's, but the artifacts current whereabouts are unknown.

Students at Frederick High School who were enrolled in a science class in the 1950’s  visited the site and uncovered pottery shards, arrowheads, and what were believed to be shark teeth. Bohannon relates that the teacher told her pupils that the site had been part of an inland sea at one time which accounted for the presence of the shark teeth.

The true origins of humans may be contained in the Tillman County gravel that has never been the subject of a full archaeological excavation.

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