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The Conservative View - Sugar coating and bull manure

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STILWELL, Okla. -- I believe that it was Thomas Jefferson that said the American people will always make the right decision if they are given information on all sides of an issue. It has become my opinion that in today’s society far too many of our citizens are completely ill informed about the current events facing our nation. My grandfather once told me that if you sugar coat bull manure enough, some people would eat it and swear how good it is.

Anyone who has ever read my columns over a period of time knows of my distrust of the mainstream media. At times the media will distort the facts to promote the liberal agenda,  but more often they will fail to tell all of the facts about an issue. I have seen how the Politically Correct crowd will attack anyone who dares to tell all sides of an issue. Just last week a man in Moore, Oklahoma committed a barbaric act of beheading a woman at a food plant where his employment was suspended. The current administration would like to handle this incident, like the Fort Hood shooting, as workplace violence. In both instances, it is my understanding that each perpetrator was shouting Arabic slogans pertaining to Islam. I would like to know why the news media is so concerned about stating the fact that the perpetrators are committing a terrorist act in the name of Islam? I am convinced that if the perpetrators were Christians or Jews it would be the lead story.

When you look across the world the barbaric acts being done in the name of Allah are meant to instill terror in the civilized world. From the dawn of history mankind has killed each other, but mutilating someone is an attempt to de-humanize them. The Muslim terrorists make no bones about the fact that they hate any religion that does not agree with their interpretation, and especially they hate the Jews and the Christians. While it seems politically acceptable for the media to attack the values that created the United States, I have not heard any reports of Jews or Christians cutting off the heads of someone who doesn’t agree with them.

We conservatives base our opinions upon facts and figures. From personal experience I have been in political debates, in those debates I have at times quoted facts and figures on various topics. Immediately I have come under attack as being racist. In my opinion quoting facts and figures is not being racist, they are simply data that can allow a person to make an intelligent decision. The term racist is being abused; too many people that cannot articulate their point are using that term as a copout to mask their ignorance of the issues. If we Americans learn to scrape off all of the sugar coating we will see the bull manure for what it really is.    

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