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The Conservative View - A burning bush

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Michael Wolff's book "Fire and Fury" takes a critical look at the Trump White House.
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STILWELL, Okla. -- We humans have a bad habit of thinking something is true if it is written down on paper. Maybe that belief stems from the story about Moses bringing down the law on stone tablets from Mount Sinai. I do have the belief that the writing Moses brought down from the mountain was indeed the truth; I only wish that the publications of today were as reliable as those of the past.

I have often heard the uninformed citizen make the claim that whatever is printed in a newspaper is the truth; their reasoning is, they won’t let them print it if it were not the truth. It would be nice if that was the case, but I feel truth is becoming a rare commodity today. Ever since the election of Donald Trump as president there has been a constant barrage of attacks against him and his family. The latest attack has come in the form of a book authored by Michael Wolff; in the book he alleges that president Trump is mentally unfit for the office. We need to remember that just because some author makes some off the wall claim against someone doesn’t make it true. In fact, since the book was released several people have publicly refuted quotes attributed to them.

Before any of us start accepting the book Fire and Fury as fact we need to realize that the author has benefited greatly by book sales. Unlike Moses, who got his information from the supreme commander of the universe, Michael Wolff has used his liberal bias to write his book. For the people out there who believe that they won’t let them print it if it were not true, I would like for them to show me who “THEY” are. The answer is very evident, there is no THEY.

The main stream media in this country has become so liberal it is impossible for them to give an honest representation of the facts on both sides of an issue. For over a year none of the attacks against our president has born any fruit. I have grown sick of the constant talk about Russian collusion, the Russian witch hunt is about to end and now the swamp masters are trying to impugn his mental fitness.

There are those who have the belief that if you throw enough mud at someone sooner or later some of it will stick; as time has ticked on the accusations seem to get more and more bizarre. Our president has had many accomplishments and has honored many of his campaign promises, but the media cannot report any of that. The hatchet job reporting is having an effect the liberals couldn’t predict, the people who voted for Trump have solidified their support.

Until the liberal media can quote their sources from the burning bush instead of their liberal mentality, their words mean nothing.   

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