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The Conservative View - Bad habits

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Fast-food consumption. One of President Trump's many bad habits.
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STILWELL, Okla. -- It never ceases to amaze me the way the mainstream media can become absolutely obsessed with a word allegedly spoken by our president and be completely oblivious to the other issues of the day that do have a huge effect on our lives. It is a fact that we humans do have some annoying habits.

Occasionally we will belch after we eat a big meal, or - heaven forbid! - pass some gas. It is nothing short of normal for any of us to say a dirty word if we happen to hit our finger while trying to drive a nail in a board. The liberal elites have completely worked themselves into a frenzy over the description that our president may, or may not have, used to describe some of the most corrupt and violent nations on our planet.

President Trump and others have denied saying anything inappropriate in the meeting last week over the immigration issue. Whether or not you agree with our president’s approach, he is making a valid point about putting America first.

The liberals seem to want to stroke their egos by allowing everyone into our country regardless of whether or not the immigrants have the skills to support themselves and their families. This attitude would be fine if we lived in a perfect world, but we are far away from living in a perfect world.

My parents often told me that the roots of your raising run deep and it is hard to get away from it. Many societies have a deep hatred of America and our way of life; it is very foolish to have an open border policy, we need to remember who and where the Boston Marathon bombers came from.

Whenever we no longer have homeless people who were born here in America living in cardboard boxes, or when military veterans are receiving the care they need and deserve, we might be more open. Our nation simply doesn’t have the money to provide welfare to the entire world.

There is nothing keeping the liberals from giving all of their income to people in other countries. If they want to bankrupt themselves and spend all of their children’s inheritance that is their prerogative, but don’t try to force me to do the same. The immigration issue has been a thorn in this nation’s side for far too long and I can understand the frustration that president Trump is experiencing because of lack of action on illegal immigration.

The liberals and the media like to come across as being so morally superior and so offended by Trump speaking his mind about the cesspool nations that share this planet with us. Would we classify North Korea as a paradise or call it what it is?  

If they are so offended by dirty words why aren’t they offend by the lyrics of the so-called entertainment that our children watch every day? Those lyrics glamorize violence, rape and profane language that would make a sailor blush.

Folks, I can guarantee you that even the Pope belches and passes gas. Even if our president does occasionally use a little salty language, as long as he puts America first he is doing his job. 

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