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President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Speaker of the House Ryan at the 2018 State of the Union.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Yes, I initially was distracted by a rerun of Benson, but I figured I’d better suck it up and endure the expected blizzard of shame and reactionary arrogance from President Donald Trump, during what would be a tedious and lengthy “State of the Union,” his first.

As expected, Trump’s fascistic and despotic tendencies were on display, and any suggestions, prior to the SOTU, that this was going to be a unifying speech, well, that went out the window early on. Particularly as Trump demonized immigrants while failing to highlight the fact that white males (his base) – not Muslims or other groups Trump has hatefully singled out - have committed the most terroristic acts in America during his watch, including last autumn’s massacre in Las Vegas.

Trump – who bizarrely applauded himself as he took to the lectern – obediently read the Teleprompter, featuring dictatorial platitudes and flat-out lies that were like raw meat for a pack of ravenous wolves. “USA! USA! USA!”

Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico – much of the island still without power – was an afterthought. Further building up our already bursting-at-the-seams nuclear arsenal was heartily approved by the crazed nativists in the room. I suspect if Hugo Chavez were alive, and in that room, he would have detected the odor of sulfur wafting through that hallowed chamber.

In 1834, Pres. Andrew Jackson was accused of being a devil, pulling the strings of Congress, similar to Jackson fan Donald Trump. (James Atkin)

As this reactionary spectacle dragged on, I kept looking at my watch, and then glance up at the screen. There were various shots of members of Congress, some looking half-asleep, others apparently drooling, while others – clearly in the Trump camp – howled and applauded – eyes crazed, veins bulging - in a manner that would have appalled the most ardent sports fan.

The Democrats, meanwhile, stonily sat in their seats, most refusing to applaud or even acknowledge Trump's praise of the corporatocracy in our Gilded Age 2.0. And while they sat there, I wondered if they would grow a spine and do everything they could to stop Trump's evil plans to keep the Gitmo torture camp open, further break apart immigrant families, continue the seemingly neverending wars and threaten anyone and everyone who does not bow to Trump's every whim?

It remains to be seen what the neutered Democrats have in mind, beyond the comments of Joe Kennedy III, another member of the Kennedy political clan who came across as full of piss and vinegar during his Democrat-approved rebuttal, but lacking the polish and solutions that would prevent Trump from achieving his diabolical plans to destroy America. 

Meanwhile, we wait for Robert Mueller to finish his investigation. This Russian meddling is really very troubling. But Trump said nothing about it last night. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

What else is there to say about the SOTU? Trump has so many people under his toxic spell that it's difficult to tell if we really haven't found ourselves in a version of "Alternate 1985," created by fictitious Trump-inspired Back to the Future villain Biff Tannen.

If you would prefer to read a more objective account of last night's State of the Union, check out Brandon King's write-up here.

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