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UFO reports out of Okemah, Edmond highlight busy October

Photo via MUFON
A photo of a UFO seen near Okemah, Oklahoma in October.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As we noted in this report from one year ago, October 2016 was a busy month for UFO sightings in Oklahoma, as was the previous October.

And in 2017, October skies over Oklahoma were busy once again with everything from oval craft (Fort Coffee); blinking lights (Sand Springs); flying triangles (Edmond); and an orange light seemingly pursued by a police helicopter (Oklahoma City). All these reports are available by going to the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center database for Oklahoma here.

But two UFO sighting reports caught our attention, in particular.

The first was a report from Oct. 16th, where the eyewitness, in a rural area near Woody Guthrie’s hometown of Okemah (Okfuskee County); saw a strange, dark-colored “craft” hovering over her cow pasture, while a cow lazily grazed below the object.

As the eyewitness told MUFON (via “I pulled up to the stop sign and observed it for about five minutes. It never moved! I exited my car and took a picture with my cell phone and kept observing it for about 10 more minutes.

Lept trying to see it drift using the treeline, but it stayed perfectly still. I thought if it was a plane, drone or blimp, it should move even if very slowly. It never did!

The eyewitness had an appointment in Okemah and had to leave and when she returned to the site, the object was gone – and presumably the cow was not abducted or mutilated, as has been reported in numerous other cases.

The second report of interest occurred on Oct. 24th. The eyewitness reported walking a dog on Edmond’s north side (Oklahoma County) and noticed three small objects blinking red and green – which the eyewitness sees quite often – and then “out of nowhere, a dark, non-lighted slender cylinder object moved slowly across the sky in a snake-like fashion.”

Unfortunately, because of the dark coloring of the object, and it being at night, the eyewitness was not able to take a picture or video of the object. 

This “snake-like” behavior reminded us of a September 2013 report we wrote about involving a woman “stuck at a light at the busy Edmond intersection of 33rd and Broadway Extension,” where she and her teenaged daughter saw a jellyfish-like UFO zigging and zagging in the sky in the middle of the day, and over a populated area. The eyewitness also saw a cigar-shaped craft while trying to follow the jellyfish-like object, which seemed to be alive.

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