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Matchless Learning: Tutoring the next generation

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EDMOND, Okla. – Meet Matchless Learning – a network of passionate, qualified academic coaches helping shape OK children into Oklahoma's best.  

Corrie Matchell launched the tutoring service in October 2016 with a goal to empower students by providing academic support and encouragement. In-home tutors travel throughout the metro to work with students of all ages, skill levels and subjects.

Oklahoma’s overflowing classrooms have made it a challenge for teachers to devote extra time and individual attention to meet each student’s needs. With an average class size of 20 students to 1 teacher, Matchless Learning has an undeniable opportunity to change lives of Oklahoma City Public School kids.

(Whoa, conservatives, I’m not saying these teachers aren’t doing their job. I’m saying it is not possible or practical to think that one teacher can accommodate a classroom full of learning styles and behaviors. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it is fair to say a classroom is a complex place.)

One-on-one, TV off and focused was the only way to accomplish Mini Me’s mad scientist project. (Toni Allen / Red Dirt Report)

One-on-one attention, like tutoring or working with kids at home, empowers students to take control over their classwork and communicate what they need. With limited distractions in the student’s own home, Matchell and her team are able to gauge each student’s successes and struggles, and then guide them.

For those who can’t afford weekly private tutoring, Matchell provides free 30-minute sessions at after-school nonprofit organizations for every hour of tutoring that is paid.

“What surprised me the most since launching Matchless Learning has been the difference one hour a week can make,” she explained. “When I started working with some of these students, I could tell they were bright, intelligent and creative. But many of them thought they were stupid just because they struggled with a certain concept.”

A breakdown of Matchless Learning’s clientele:

  • Students who need a self-confidence boost and encouragement
  • Students struggling with an entire subject and need help catching up
  • Students who are not struggling, but appreciate having the extra support and practice
  • Students who want an extra challenge

One thing Matchell sees in each student: “the look in [their] eyes when they persevere and achieve something they thought they couldn’t do.”

To contact Matchless Learning, email Matchell at

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