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TX: Corpus Christi TSA workers double-up on pat-downs

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The men and women in the ill-fitting blue
shirts and tight black pants are running wild once again down at the main airport in the South
Texas city of Corpus Christi.

A regular reader of Red
Dirt Report
contacted this website and shared her story of how she and
her husband’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated by the Transportation Security Administration earlier this week while
trying to board a Southwest plane flying from Corpus Christi International Airport to St. Louis,

As the reader was checking in she made a comment to the
Southwest employee that she was sick of the abusive behavior of the TSA. This
was noted as the reader noticed about a dozen TSA employees heading to work and
a dozen or so leaving.

 The Southwest
employee did not nod in agreement, rather the employee expressed surprise. Interestingly,
it turned out that a TSA employee was nearby as the reader made her comments
critical of the TSA.

“There was nobody in the airport except us,” the reader
recalled. “And when we got to the security checkpoint we decided to ‘opt out.’

Of course when the reader and her husband “opted out,” the
tyrants in blue yelled out “Opt out! Opt out!” as if to have all eyes on them
as a way of humiliating them in public.

During our phone interview with the RDR reader, she
expressed concern over the radiation exposure one receives while going through
backscatter and x-ray naked machines at the airport. As a frequent traveler she
said she prefers to “opt out” and get the pat-down as much as she hates them
and feels they’re a violation of her rights as an American citizen.

This same reader shared another story where a few months
ago, while traveling through the same airport in Corpus Christi, she was taken
in a room, following an opt-out request, and the screener put her hands in her
underwear, much to her shock. The reader also noted how she felt embarrassed
for having to spread her legs out while she was being screened.

While she stood there, her rights being violated, she said
she kept a close eye on her luggage which was being rifled through. The
screener seemed surprised and the reader told the screener that she did not
want anything to go missing. Of course incidents of theft among the TSA ranks
is increasingly common, according to numerous news reports.

The reader also noticed that her husband was patted-down
twice. When asked about this double screening, he was blandly told that it was “for
training purposes.”

The reader then asked the screener why did they have to inconvenience and insult American
citizens with two pat-downs when they could pat-down each other.

“I was told that they had to train in ‘real time,’” the
reader recalled.

The reader then demanded a supervisor. Eventually a woman
showed up – an unpleasant woman, the reader noted, who reminded her of the
cartoon villain “Cruella DeVil.”

When the reader complained to “Cruella,” she was told that
it was because of “9/11” and they “could do whatever they wanted.”

It is here where I should remind Red Dirt Report readers that this incident took place in the same same
airport and involving the same TSA louts who “humiliated and embarrassed” a
young  Amarillo, Texas woman by pulling
her blouse down and exposing her breasts and laughing at her. As reported in
court documents the woman ended up receiving a “nominal” settlement in federal

The Red Dirt Report
reader also said that when she mentioned how she did not want to go through the
radiation-emitting naked body scanner, “Cruella DeVil” told her that passengers
usually don’t opt out, rather they “love” going through the scanners. They “love

And what do TSA employees "love"? Beyond just harassing people they love to overlook boxcutters, as noted in a disturbing USA Today piece this week. And waht of the TSA agent busted this week for letting a drug dealer skip security?

And in Georgia, as noted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, TSA loves to engage their "VIPER" program which mainly disrupts travelers at rush hour.

And what of the mobile scan vans that TSA plans to roll out soon, despite their denials

These are all examples found in the news just this week.

The Red Dirt Report reader who brought this story to our attention reminded us of a recent Alex Jones radio program where the host
noted how radiation can leak from the machines and irradiate nearby TSA
employees over time. Wired magazine published a story, again this very week, asking "'Nude' airport scanners: Are they safe?" These radiation concerns are real even though the scanner manufacturers and TSA spokespeople say they're super safe.

Luis Casanova, the TSA spokesman for Texas and Oklahoma who is
based in Dallas-Fort Worth and has talked with Red Dirt Report about other
TSA-related issues.

When Red Dirt Report
shared the Corpus Christi airport incident with Casanova he said, “No, I don’t
have a clue about the incident. I’ll have to look into it.”

When we noted the
part of the incident where the reader’s husband was subjected to TWO pat-downs
for no apparent reason, other than training some other TSA employee, he seemed
surprised over the phone.

And regarding the thorough examination of the reader’s
carry-on luggage while she was being patted-down, Casanova said, “It’s hard for
me to comment on that. If they saw something and decided to run it again, I don’t
know. Of course no one should be discriminated against for opting out. It’s
their right to do so. I’m at a loss here. But I don’t know the details of the

Casanova added that the passengers who were treated in this
manner have a right to file a complaint with TSA.

“Nobody deserves to be disrespected in any way,” Casanova
said. “We hold our officers to the highest standards.”

An attempt was made to get someone at Corpus Christi
International Airport to comment on this reader’s experience. As of late
Thursday we had not heard back from them.

Of course people are concerned about complaining to TSA. As
noted by New Hampshire State Rep. George Lambert, people are afraid of
complaining to TSA about anything because they don’t want to end up on a TSA “watch
list,” an issue he recently addressed on The Intel Hub radio program.

And Lambert is doing his best at fighting against the injustices
of the Empire. He is a brave politician who recently filed a bill which would
make  it where TSA employees who touch
breasts and genitals without probable cause would face sexual assault charges,
people are scared of ending up on a TSA “watch list.”

In a Manchester Union
article addressing Lambert’s bill, it notes that the purpose of
naked body machines and intimate pat-downs are being done in order to “dehumanize

It's the dehumanization part that is starting to concern many Americans.

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