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Synchromystic shuttle missions, Tucson and "The Astronaut's Wife"

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Jillian Armacost (Charlize Theron) runs from her alien-possessed astronaut husband as the Twin Towers loom behind her.
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CITY –  Let’s just admit it. This new
year, 2011, has been one for the record books – at least those record books
that keep track of the weird and unusual.

unrest around the world. Bizarre storms. Unprecedented snow and cold. Economic
uncertainty. Animals mysteriously dying. A growing sense among everyone we talk
to that something strange is going on.

These days
remind me of one of my favorite novels, White
by Don DeLillo. It’s an unsettling book filled with existential angst
and focuses on a “modern” family in the 1980s that is dealing with mortality
and the strange uncertainties that face them beyond the bucolic “College-on-the-hill”
where the main character, Jack Gladney, teaches “Hitler studies.”

With its “airborne
toxic event,” reports of UFO sightings and other odd observations that pervade
contemporary culture, this 25-year old book seems as if it could have been
published just yesterday.

something synchromystical is in the air. And it really took off last month with
the tragic shooting attack by “lone nut” Jared Loughner on a crowd of people at
US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ congressional town hall meeting.

I have
thought a lot about the shooting event and the circumstances surrounding it.
Why did it really happen? What about all the strange online clues Loughner left
for people to find? What were his rantings about NASA really about?

It’s here
that I should note the book review of The
NASA Conspiracies
that I posted here on Red
Dirt Report

That said, having
just watched the 1999 sci-fi thriller The
Astronaut’s Wife
recently, I was struck by the NASA/E.T.-focused storyline,
despite the weak script and wooden acting by normally solid actors Charlize
Theron and Johnny Depp.

If you
missed this film or haven’t seen it in a while, it’s worth renting if only for
some of the themes and imagery that are peppered throughout.

Depp plays
Astronaut Spencer Armacost. While on a shuttle mission repairing a satellite,
he and another astronaut (Nick Cassavetes) are affected by a strange explosion.
The astronauts return to Earth and appear to be all right, despite some subtle changes, discovered by a Fox Mulder-esque NASA employee.

connection to the Loughner shooting incident would be highlighted by both
synchromystical researchers Todd Campbell, Goro Adachi and Christopher Knowles.

They saw it
too. A congresswoman whose husband, Mark Kelly, is also an astronaut – with an
identical twin brother who is also a shuttle astronaut and was aboard the
International Space Station the day Giffords and the others were shot.

in the plot of The Astronaut’s Wife,
Theron’s character Jillian is impregnated by Depp’s Spencer Armacost soon after
he returns to Earth. Spencer won’t tell her exactly what happened on the

But it is
clear that Spencer is no longer the same guy who went into space. No, Jillian
suspects – in Hitchcockian fashion – that her husband has been replaced or even

And –
spoiler ahead – Spencer and his astronaut pal were possessed by an alien and he
impregnated Jillian with alien DNA (think Rosemary’s
for the rocketship crowd) and she is to give birth to alien-hybrid

The idea of
TWINS has been popping up and in The
Astronaut’s Wife
one of the biggest sync-winks, at least in my mind is a
scene where Jillian is running away from her alien-possessed husband while the
World Trade Center TWIN towers loom in the background.

… which
brings us to the Tucson shooting with one of the best-known victims being
nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green – born on Sept. 11, 2001.

at work?

On his Through the Looking Glass blog, the
aforementioned Todd Campbell goes into greater detail.

Writes Campbell: “On January 5th 2011 fellow researcher Goro Adachi predicted the
likely-hood of just such an event on January 8th
. The Talented Mr. Adachi couldn’t
have been more correct. The Mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona has rocked the
Nation, and has simultaneously opened the floodgates (see Australian Floods/OZ) for a full examination.

The name Tucson, as Goro points out, can be read as “Two
Suns”. This is a direct reference to the film “2010: The Year We Make Contact”
in which the planet Jupiter is exploded to literally create TWO SUNS. [It is
important to also note that the NBA franchise in PHOENIX, AZ. Are known as THE
SUNS, plural] Another reading of TUCSON can be “Two Sons” or in this particular
case TWINS (a subject
covered here before
). Interestingly, Goro also introduces the 1999 film The Astronaut’s Wife into the equation.”

Indeed he

At the
beginning of The Astronaut’s Wife,
Spencer and his astronaut colleague are working on a satellite when they are
possessed by the alien entity in full view of the Sun. Giffords, the astronaut’s
wife, is shot in TUCSON, while in the film, Jillian, the astronaut’s wife, is
expecting TWO SONS – alien/human hybrids, of course. That’s what Campbell and
the others seem to be referring to. Coincidence?

On a
personal level, the shuttle connection brings to mind a couple of things.
First, there was an October 1985 episode of the revamped Twilight Zone series titled “Chameleon.” It was about an alien
entity that hitches a ride to Earth on a Space Shuttle that in the footage
appears to be the ill-fated Challenger,
which would be destroyed less than four months later.

interested in the space program and sci-fi themes at age 13, the Twilight Zone episode really stood out
to me and it inspired me to incorporate the Space Shuttle in my cartoon series
at the time Kimball Parish. In it,
one of the characters, Monty Colgate, prepares to leave on the Space Shuttle
for a trip outside Earth’s atmosphere. Strangely, the final panel was never
finished that fall. Of course, the Challenger
blows up the following January and I incorporate that tragedy into the
final panel of that particular Kimball

 It’s a little odd on a personal level, in
retrospect. Just as when the first Space Shuttle launch, for the Columbia took
place in 1981. Anticipating the launch, I was at a friends’ house. Using a Star Wars toy I showed my friend what
would happen to the Columbia by
throwing the toy high in the air and watching it crash to the ground. Eerily,
22 years later, while working as a reporter in Central Louisiana, I was
immediately on the scene of where pieces of that very shuttle Columbia would land, there in western
Louisiana near the Texas line – a Bigfoot-infested forest if there ever was

And back to the
astronaut and the astronaut’s wife. Thankfully, Rep. Giffords is mending from
her critical injuries. For a matter of weeks there was uncertainty as to whether
Capt. Mark E. Kelly, her husband, would fly the last mission the shuttle Endeavour on April 1, 2011 to deliver the
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to
the  ISS.

As noted
today in The New York Times: “Whether
Captain Kelly would fly on the two-week trip to the International Space Station
in the midst of a family crisis has been a question in the background since Ms.
Giffords was shot in the head and critically injured near Tucson on Jan. 8.”

the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer,
which was proposed in 1995 by particle physicist and Nobel laureate Samuel Ting,
online sources say the delicate device, also known as AMS-02, will measure
cosmic rays, search for evidence of dark matter and antimatter and “study the
formation of the Universe.” A tall order indeed.

just as The Astronaut’s Wife was
going into post-production in early summer 1998, the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-91) held a prototype of the
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer known also as AMS-01. This was also the last
shuttle mission to visit the Russian Mir
space station.

As a side
note, Ting went forward with the AMS after funding for the Superconducting
Super Collider near Waxahachie, Texas was ended in the early 1990’s.  A reporter and colleague of mine, Joey
Dauben, is presently working on a piece about “what people are seeing” out at the
mostly-abandoned SSC site for The Maypearl Memo newspaper. Yes, just as
some conspiracy researchers are concerned about the goings-on at Switzerland’s
CERN – where the World Wide Web was birthed and where Samuel Ting once worked  – while folks like Dauben are looking closer
to home at the SSC site and what it may be used for these days. Considering
this reporter’s journalistic work in Ellis County, Texas, home of the old SSC
site, Red Dirt Report is looking to
contribute some information to Dauben’s upcoming report.

And believe
it or not, Ellis County, Texas was where I was living and working when The Astronaut’s Wife was released in
summer 1999.

Make of that
what you will.

Stay tuned.

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