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RDR: 'Balloon Boy' odyssey some sort of psy-op?

Balloon on the move (and what are those disc-shaped objects in the background?)
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By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: October 16, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Having had nearly a full day to make sense of the whole bizzare "Balloon Boy" saga, this writer is coming away from the entire event with more questions than answers.

Your Red Dirt Reporter, along with millions of other TV viewers, were glued to the TV for several hours as we watched this flying saucer-shaped balloon raced across the Colorado countryside, everyone believing six-year-old Falcon Heene had climbed aboard the craft and was in peril.

As it turned out, after the balloon crashed in a field near Denver International Airport, it turned out the boy had been hiding in the attic of the family garage. Many started smelling the proverbial rat, particularly in light of the family's recent involvement in reality television and their desire for attention for their "scientific" experiments. In fact, this reporter discovered in a report that Heene is partnered with "Weather Wars" ex-meteorologist Scott Stevens, whom this reporter interviewed five years ago. Stevens believes the government has "weather weapons" and "manipulators" that can steer hurricanes into populated areas, for instance. Bizzare, but interesting.

Anyway, the Heene family of Fort Collins, Colorado are clearly publicity hounds. The father, Richard Heene, appears to be an angry, violent and bizarre person, as evidenced from his appearance on the reality show "Wife Swap." The show, where a family member is "swapped out" for a person from another family, shows Richard Heene yelling, throwing things and the children - completely undisciplined - are running around, out-of-control, flipping off the camera.

So, we're to believe a rambunctious, six-year-old hid in a box for 5 hours? Don't think so.

I think it's interesting that he's a tinkerer and fascinated with UFOs and aliens, but I think he and his wife are putting their sons in danger by taking them close to violent hurricanes, tornadoes and other weather events.

It appears to be a hoax, this whole thing. Poor Falcon puked on national television and was quoted telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN that this whole deal was for "the show." Just look at the rest of the family's reaction when Falcon spills the beans. Busted! Check out this Washington Post article.

Some researchers are suggesting there may be a lot more to this whole episode. The choice of photo at Drudge Report, linked here. The proximity to military installations, the strange Denver International Airport and suggestions that this psy-op, promoted heavily on all the networks, could lead to something known as Project Blue Beam. An Oklahoma City radio talk show host noted yesterday that when the images first appeared on cable news channels, he had the sound down and said, "I thought this was a real flying saucer."

The image of the balloon zipping through the beautiful Colorado sky was eerie, yet you couldn't look away, particularly as you wondered if there was a boy actually inside the craft. New video, just aired on Fox News, shows Richard Heene releasing the craft and suddenly running, apparently thinking Falcon somehow climbed aboard.

Are we being played for fools? Who is this Richard Heene? How does he make money, driving around the country chasing dust devils and thunderstorms?

Hopefully the Larimer County, Colo. officials will interview each member of the family separately. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this whole strange story.

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