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Johnson addresses bloggers; discusses border control, pot legalization and more

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Gov. Gary Johnson addresses bloggers in a conference call Tuesday.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – With his recent refusal to sign the ultra-conservative “Family
Leader” pledge that was ultimately rejected by other leading Republican
presidential candidates, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson told bloggers and
reporters from around the nation Tuesday that such pledges are a distraction.

“Republicans,” Johnson said, “Let’s get off the social
issues. Let’s see if we can’t rally around and get the country’s fiscal house
in order.”

Since entering the presidential race in late winter, Johnson
has been a bit of a dark horse in the race, garnering little substantial
interest in the mainstream media and overshadowed by fellow liberty-minded
candidate Ron Paul.

But talking to bloggers in a conference call, Johnson said
he is undeterred and promises he is in the race for the long haul, offering a
perspective that is largely missing in the increasingly competitive race which
could potentially include Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Alaska governor and
one-time vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

This is the second time Red
Dirt Report
has had a chance to participate in one of Johnson’s blogger roundtable
conference calls. If anything, Johnson has made himself available and
accessible since throwing his hat in the ring.

One questioner asked if contrarian congressman Ron Paul was taking
the wind out of his sails as he seeks attention along the campaign trail.

Johnson replied that if he and Paul were garnering 35
percent or more of the “liberty vote,” he said he would like to talk to the
Texas congressman and see if something could be worked out. Regardless, the
more chances liberty-minded candidates have to get their message to the public,
the better off we all are.

During a discussion of government’s role in society, Johnson
noted the Environmental Protection Agency and how a federal agency looking to
protect the environment is necessary. With that in mind, Red Dirt Report asked Johnson about the recent wildfires that imperiled
the Los Alamos National Laboratories and nuclear waste like uranium and
plutonium that has been haphazardly buried on that property in New Mexico.

Johnson admitted there had been real “sloppiness” in years
past when it came to the handling of nuclear waste. He said that during his
stint as governor of the Land of Enchantment he saw to it that clean-up costs
were slashed and efforts more efficient.

“I think we’ll look back and see our actions (involving
nuclear materials) and say, ‘I can’t believe this is what we did. Los Alamos
has made some real mistakes and we are paying for it,” he said.

Along those lines, a New Mexico reporter asked Johnson about
concerns about radioactive contamination of the groundwater supply around Los
Alamos following the wildfires and whether or not government agencies have a
responsibility to report any and all information on such an important issue.

Johnson replied by saying that during his administration everything
“was transparent” and that “we do monitor groundwater around Los Alamos as a
result of slipshod disposal.”

Other topics like marijuana legalization and the intolerance
in the GOP for Muslims and gay marriage were also discussed. Johnson said that
while gay marriage should be a states issue, he said that he is close to
considering the subject on the level of civil rights and potentially an issue
that needs to be addressed at the federal level.

“Government should be in the civil union business,” he said.
“Whether it’s heterosexual or a gay couple. Leave marriage to the church. That’s
always been my position.”

Johnson emphasized that while the vast majority of his fellow
Republican presidential candidates are vying for the “social conservative”
vote, he, a pro-choice Republican, “is not one of those.”

And Johnson has made no bones about his support of marijuana
legalization, having admitted to pot usage over the years, although he no
longer partakes. He said that the establishment appears to want the status quo
when it comes to the nation’s failed drug laws. Johnson is convinced that a
majority of Republicans would support his efforts to reform the drug laws.

Additionally, he said the current battles among Mexican drug
cartels along the southern border would largely end if marijuana was legalized.
This, he said, is simply common sense and needs to be seriously considered as
the violence spreads into border states like Texas and Arizona.

Border control was another issue raised by bloggers. Johnson
said “rational steps” need to be taken to address the problem of illegal
immigration. Coming from a border state, Johnson said that building a border
fence or putting the National Guard “arm-in-arm” along the border is not going
to solve this problem. Rather, he said, the federal government needs to “make
it as easy as possible to allow an immigrant who wants to come here to get a
work visa.”

Added Johnson: “I believe Mexicans would stand in line if
the line was moving to get visas.”

Johnson continues to campaign, having spent time in early
primary states like New Hampshire and South Carolina and moving on to Iowa for some
appearances there, including a bike race. If anything, Gov. Johnson – who has
summited Mount Everest and competed in multiple Iron Man competitions – has the energy
and message to take his campaign well into 2012.

For more information on Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign
and his positions on major issues go to

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