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OKLAHOMA CITY – On Sept. 10, 2001, I was working as a
reporter for The Town Talk newspaper
in Alexandria, Louisiana. As an area beat reporter I was responsible for
covering town council meetings like the one I covered that evening in the town
of Mansura, in Avoyelles Parish.

As I recall, at that meeting there was a dispute between the
mayor of Mansura and the town’s police chief, whose name I  believe was Peanut, regarding a cell phone.
Anyway, as I drove into the parking lot of the town hall, I couldn’t help but
notice an American flag on the flag pole – flapping upside down.

This had happened due to the top bracket connecting the flag
to the pole coming loose somehow. Still, as someone who makes mental notes of
peculiar things, I took this – in the back of mind – as a sign of distress.

Sure, things in the Mansura Town Hall that night prior to
Sept. 11, 2001 were in a bit of distress but really the events of the following
day would change things forever. And that dark day, as the events unfolded, I
could not help but wonder if that upside-down American flag I had seen the
night before was some sort of distress signal being sent out into the universe.

That event stuck in my mind all these years later. I tend to
look for synchronistic patterns in life. And they are definitely there.

Which brings me to today. Here we are five or so days after
the 9.1 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and I am trying to make sense of this

The night before the earthquake, my wife and I were in the
backyard looking at the sky. Out of the blue she noted that the crescent-shaped
moon was “smiling like the Cheshire Cat.”

Indeed it was.

Now, when she said this I got a bit of a chill. It was yet
another reference to the fictional feline from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In the story, which I happen to be reading, strangely enough,
the Cheshire Cat appears before Alice at unexpected times while sometimes
raising philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice, as noted in a
Wikipedia entry. Of course it is known for disappearing gradually until nothing
is left but that “Cheshire Cat grin” – much the way the moon appeared the night
before the Japan earthquake.

For weeks leading up to now I have been coming across all sorts of
Cheshire Cat and Alice in Wonderland references. From constantly hearing
Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” to coming across the Tim Burton film
version of the story, to casual references here and there. Alice and the
Cheshire Cat seem to be everywhere in our culture and even in the cosmos.

And when I noted the Genesis song “Land of Confusion” is a
piece I wrote for Red Dirt Report following the Japan disaster, I did not note the first couple of
verses. But it was this verse that has been sticking in my mind, in light of
the words and the dream I had at the very moment the earthquake took place …

Sings Phil Collins: “Oh Superman, where
are you now / When everything’s gone wrong somehow / The men of steel, the men
of power / are losing control by the hour

As the radiation spews from the wrecked nuke plants, “men of
steel” appear to be “losing control by the hour.” It’s frightening, as the
radiation spreads. And remember that Spitting Image-puppet video with Genesis? A caricatured puppet version of Ronald Reagan goes to sleep and has a nightmare - and accidentally launches a nuclear warhead.

And yes, the dream I woke from – a nightmare, in fact –
involved horrific scenes of terror and destruction that I have been describing
to friends as a cross between the collapsing towers and horror of 9/11 and that
disturbing scene in the 1978 Superman
film where the red sun is destroying Krypton and people are falling into the
abyss. Rarely is it that I have such vivid nightmares where wake up, heart
racing, and I don’t want to go back to sleep. And yes, I woke up out of this
nightmare at 4:45 a.m. – the earthquake struck Japan a minute later – at 2:46
p.m. Japan time.

A “red sun.” A “supermoon.” Yes, we have a “supermoon” this
week. Eerie, isn’t it? People are saying the “supermoon” we are about to
encounter is going to wreak further havoc on our planet. Was this “supermoon”
grinning at us the night prior to the devastating earthquake? Will the mischievous
cat strike again?

Over at Loren Coleman’s Twilight
blog – a place where Coleman looks at “coded words,” “name games,”
“number coincidences,” “hot death stories” and “celebrity happenings” – I was
shown Coleman’s latest post titled “Supermoon Rising.”

Writes Coleman: “Is there a relationship between the
Japanese 9.0 earthqauke of March 11, 2011, as well as the resulting
tsunami/reactor explosions, and the supermoon of March 19, 2011.

Something I noted a couple of months ago involved Tucson
massacre suspect Jared Loughner. There is strong evidence that Loughner is an
MK-ULTRA assassin. Additionally, there was talk of Loughner’s interests on his
bizarre website. He noted he was a fan of Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

As Alice was fond of saying: “Curiouser and curiouser!”

And this morning, while following a link to the weather site, for a story headlined “How Weather Could Link Japan Radiation
to U.S
.,” what appears on the webpage but a maniacally-grinning image of a
Cheshire Cat. Why? It was to illustrate that the worst weather in the U.S.
right now – a “soaking rain” – is taking place in Cheshire, Ohio. Very creepy.

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