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BOOK REVIEW: "Where's the Birth Certificate?" by Jerome Corsi

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"Where's the Birth Certificate?" by Dr. Jerome Corsi
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the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be
 by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D  (WND Books)  2011

During the summer of 2008, when it was clear that then-Sen.
Barack Obama of Illinois was going to be the Democrat presidential nominee,
conservative-leaning investigative reporters began looking deeply into Obama’s
oddly secretive past. Among them was Dr. Jerome Corsi, a regular contributor to
conservative news site Corsi would release The Obama Nation that year, much to the
chagrin of liberals and leftists alike.

That same summer, your Red Dirt Reporter was a co-host on a
radio show here in Oklahoma City and had the opportunity to be one of the first
in the independent media to interview Dr. Phil Berg, the Philadelphia-based
attorney to question Barack Obama’s (aka Barry Soetoro) eligibility to run for
president, if the Constitution had anything to say about it.

That interview and subsequent interviews and stories that
began popping up in those early days of Obama Mania helped me understand that
there were some serious constitutional issues that Obama needed to address
before he could officially become president. But, the media decided they wanted
to protect this unremarkable junior senator and former Chicago community
organizer. John McCain, the story went, would merely be a third term of Bush
policies. We needed a fresh voice. A “hope” and “change” kind of guy who was
also an African-American. It would be a new day in America were he to be

Problem was, Barack Obama was a pretty unknown quantity.
Little was known about him, beyond his biography and stories of his attending a
church run by a black nationalist and being neighborhood pals with Vietnam
War-era, Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers.

Yes, there is a loose conspiracy of people in the Hawaiian
and federal government and also in the media who are doing everything they can
to protect Obama from serious scrutiny, in the face of a Constitutional crisis.

But thanks to people like Corsi and Berg, the heat was on
Obama and his minions and while they’ve done everything to marginalize
“proofers” (Corsi’s term), millions of people have learned about the things we don’t know about our president.

That’s where Corsi’s new book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?, comes in. While a lot of it is
information “proofers” or “birthers” (take your pick) are pretty-well familiar
with, the 300-plus page book, complete with a bountiful appendix and photos and
documents galore, is a critical and scholarly addition to the growing amounts
of evidence pointing to the fact that we have an illegitimate president
occupying the White House – a guy who can launch nukes. A guy who can and does
start illegal wars.

Corsi lays it out in layman’s terms from his earliest days
in Hawaii with his mysterious mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and his absent
father, Barack Obama Sr. Now, was baby Obama really born in one of the two
hospitals in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961? If so, which one. As Corsi points out
both Queens and Kapiolani hospitals have been identified as where Obama was
born. And while it was ultimately settled, just prior to the May release of this
book, that Kapiolani was indeed the site of Obama’s nativity, the “Certificate
of Live Birth” provided to the media contains many additional unanswered

Corsi does make it pretty plain that young Obama was
bouncing back and forth across the Pacific in those early years. His busy
mother would jet to Seattle for school in the weeks after his birth, although
little if anything of this is said in Obama’s official story. In fact, the more
Corsi reveals about Obama’s true past the more his bio Dreams From My Father come across as mostly fantasy.

In the chapter on Obama’s alleged Indonesian citizenship –
he lived there from approximately 1967 to 1971 – he notes that little Barry, as
he was known, was enrolled in a Honolulu elementary school in the fall of 1969
and a classmate has the photo to prove it.

The photo, taken by the mother of Barry’s classmate Scott
Inoue, and when WorldNetDaily asks Inoue how Obama could have been with him in
Hawaii as a third grader, Inoue says, “I don’t have any explanation.”

Then there is the “previously unknown Obama stepsister” back
in Indonesia, a woman named Lia Soetoro Sobah who died in early 2010. This is
different from Maya Soetoro-Ng. However, President Obama has publicly declined
to acknowledge her or her passing, Corsi writes, despite Indonesian news
sources saying that “Barry Soetoro and Lia Soetoro were always together –
playing, traveling on family vacations and even bathing together.”

It seems odd to this writer that a man who can launch wars
and send people into battle and is entrusted with leading this nation, can be
so cold about matters regarding his own family and his past. Sure, his father
left him and his mother seemed more interested with the problems of foreign
nations, so I guess that made an impact on him.

But beyond that, Corsi says we deserve to know where Obama’s
true, undoctored birth certificate is, what is on it and what it means. Who is
this person? Should we care? Corsi believes we should, especially after the
media went after Sen. John McCain when issues arose during the 2008
presidential campaign about McCain’s birth in Panama, which was revealed to be
all right, considering it was on an American military base.

Corsi goes through the native-born and natural-born citizen
issues and what the Constitution calls for in folks who decide to run for
president. This is an area often clouded by people who don’t want the issue

And the media has had a hand in trying to divert attention
from this “birther” book, including Esquire
magazine falsely claiming Corsi’s book being pulled from shelves upon its
release in May. Additionally, Corsi's local paper, the Newark Star-Ledger, wrote a snarky article about the book and Corsi himself and failed to ask questions about the legitimacy of Obama's presidency based on the lack of a bona fide, long-form birth certificate. Such questions, suggests the tone of the article, are unseemly in polite society.

Corsi has done some amazing investigative research in Where’s the Birth Certificate? It’s a
hard book to put down and should fit comfortably in your collection of books
critical of the president, titles by Webster Griffin Tarpley, Jason Mattera and
Aaron Klein, just to name a few.

Hopefully Corsi’s book will lead to more in-depth
investigations into Obama’s past and that more people will demand transparency
from the man who promised a more transparent administration than the one
previous to his.

Copyright 2011 West
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