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The Trumpists and Sandernistas will be celebrating in the Granite State tonight

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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio meets with Iowans following a speech prior to the caucuses in that state.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Alas, Red Dirt Report will not be able to be in New Hampshire to cover their primary – held today – the way we were covering the caucuses in Iowa last week, but we did learn that District 30 State Sen. David Holt (R-Oklahoma City) is there in the Granite State today getting the word out about his good pal, anxiety-prone Marco Rubio, the U.S. senator from Florida, a guy a close family member likes to call "the smart-ass kid."

Noted Sen. Holt on his Facebook page today, following an event at Maryann’s Diner in the town of Windham: “I want the best possible future for George and Maggie, and yes, part of that is affected by who becomes our next President. I know Marco Rubio is the man for the job, and that's why I've journeyed today to New Hampshire's ‘first in the nation’ primary to give him my full support. #TeamMarco.”

Photo from David Holt Facebook page

Of course, with all of the problems Oklahoma is facing, particularly the enormous budget crisis, more than one eyebrow has been raised during Holt’s absence from the Capitol as he gallivants for Sen. Dry Mouth amidst the Frost-y, snow-dappled forests of New Hampshire.

Legislators in Oklahoma are expected to work 17 weeks or so out of the year, right? And yet Holt feels going to New Hampshire is more important? And that his presence will make some sort of difference for a candidate who is also noted for his poor voting attendance record in the U.S. Senate and an unsettling, robotic debating style that is truly cringe-worthy?


Anyway, New Hampshire voters are hitting the voting booths across the state (Dixville Notch, per tradition, voted first, just after midnight, going for John Kasich) and Donald Trump is expected to come in first among the Republicans and Bernie Sanders is expected to easily trounce pseudo-left, warmonger Hillary Clinton. That said, Bernie has his own issues with America's war machine that need to be seriously addressed. Particularly as the new Pentagon budget seems to be outlining a blueprint for World War III.

Regardless, it appears that Clinton supporter and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s threat - “There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other!” – did not play well with the independent-minded voters, particularly the women, in New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders is, according to USA Today, holding a strong lead at 61 percent, compared to Hillary Clinton's 35 percent. Perhaps Clinton's chumminess with Goldman Sachs executives strikes voters as a bit too corporate and a bit too right-wing for their tastes.

And as of Tuesday afternoon, the latest CNN/WMUR tracking poll it was the Republican field with Trump (31 percent); Rubio (17 percent); Ted Cruz (14 percent); Kasich (10 percent); and Jeb Bush (7 percent).

And regarding the so-called anti-establishment Republican candidates, they rounded out the list with Carly Fiorina (5 percent); New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (4 percent); and Ben Carson (3 percent).


I have been saying for several weeks now that as things begin to get ironed out as Clinton's campaign implodes and more Republicans (Christie, Kasich, Fiorina, Carson and possibly Bush if he doesn't do well in NH) fall by the wayside, it will likely be Donald Trump who emerges as the top dog for the GOP and unreconstructed New Dealer Bernie Sanders as the Democrats choice. Of course this absolutely horrifies the so-called establishment. That is why the mainstream media ( and bourgeois pols like David Holt) is pushing Rubio so hard, even though there's really no there there.

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Trump and Sanders, as this Mark Thoma piece at notes: "Even if by some miracle Trump or Sanders is elected, change will be slow and incremental if there is change at all. But the winds of change are blowing away from establishment politicians and the wealthy donors who support them, and as far as I’m concerned any change that helps the working class feel more secure and confident about the future – change that is based upon reality rather than the myths that have been sold to the public in support of wealthy interests – can’t come fast enough."

So, as it is clear that Sanders and Trump will rise to the occasion in New Hampshire, what of the next state, South Carolina, the "First in the South"? reports how Trump and his fascist crusade is resonating strongly with Palmetto State Republicans, with Trump currently polling at 36 percent. Canadian-born Ted Cruz, meanwhile, is further behind at 19 percent. Interestingly, South Carolina's two senators - Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott - have already announced whom they are endorsing: Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, respectively. Will that make a difference on primary day, which is February 20th for Republicans? (The date is Feb. 27th for Dems in SC. And it's the opposite order in the next state, Nevada).

As for the Democratic side, there is real concern in the Sandernista camp about African-American voters in South Carolina going with Clinton. As for Nevada, well, it's more of a toss-up. 

Red Dirt Report will continue to follow daily developments on the campaign trail here at #ElectionCentral.

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