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Trumpism leading US down dangerous road

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – This afternoon, The Indianapolis Star reported that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is leading in searches on Google, indicating that leading into today’s Indiana primary election, the billionaire bully and blowhard is attracting more attention online than rival Ted Cruz of Texas or John Kasich of neighboring Ohio.

But the name calling and personal attacks have also reached a new level, with Trump pushing the National Enquirer story that Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was linked to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 while Cruz said Trump was a “serial philanderer” and a “narcissist.”

In the local checkout lane. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

Regardless, the polls seem to indicate that conservative Hoosiers are firmly in the Trump camp and that Indiana may be Cruz's last stand. 

"If Indiana does not act, this country could plunge into the abyss," warned Cruz.

So, Trump is well on his way of securing the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on a first convention ballot. 

Which, of course, means that Trump could very well be facing Hillary Clinton this fall and could possibly be our next president, despite his many, many negatives.

Historian and political commentator Webster Griffin Tarpley has been closely monitoring the fascistic rise of Donald Trump this past year and has shared repeated warnings about the danger he poses to America if elected. Red Dirt Report has also reported on the "tumor of Tumpism" and what a catastrophe that would be a Trump presidency, one from which America might never recover.

And most alarmingly, Tarpley wrote today that both GOP cable show pollster Frank Luntz and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, have reportedly said a terrorist attack would benefit Trump, leading up to the election - an "October surprise" of sorts, as Tarpley put it.

Writes Tarpley: "In the wake of a large-scale terror attack, Trump would demand that all power be concentrated in his hands in a virtual state of siege – just like Hitler in late January 1933 – because he had been the only one to correctly forecast an imminent terrorist bloodbath. Trump could expect backing from those same media factions which have already given him more than $2 billion worth of free media for his primary campaign. The real estate demagogue might have a substantial chance of winning the Electoral College. As president, he could be expected to abuse the USA Patriot Act, the Espionage Act, and the full panoply of electronic eavesdropping. He has already promised to do much of this."

He has promised "deportation squads." He will have his finger on the "button." Yeah, that button.

Many of Trump's confused and/or illiterate and/or reactionary supporters can't fully articulate why they like Trump beyond "the Wall" "are you Canadian?" and "the illegals" and "gettin' the terrorists" a'la George Bush. The insufferable Ted Cruz is pretty much done from here on out.

Which leaves us with a problem like Trump. This is one wild and dangerous ride we are on, folks. Trump is surging and the future of our country in a most uncertain world - where cooler heads are critically needed - is likely in peril.

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