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OKLAHOMA CITY – Jeb Bush for President! That will likely be the rallying cry for Republicans in the coming year as the former Florida governor gives every indication that he plans to seek the office once occupied by both his father and brother – George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, respectively.

And Jeb Bush is giving the major media outlets plenty of hints that he desires to be America’s next president.

Suggesting, in a Facebook post, that he has the “kind of strong leadership I think America needs,” Bush said he will “actively explore” running for president in the coming months.

This should trouble all Americans, and the rest of the world.

Jeb Bush would likely be a worse president than his father and brother combined. He is a shrewd tactician of the iron fist/velvet glove variety.

Sure, the corporate media will sell Jeb as a “moderate” republican, acceptable to the GOP’s “managerial class,” but make no mistake – his “moderate” views on immigration reform and education standards belie the fact that he would work to expand the military and the nation’s nuclear arsenal, expand U.S. meddling in Latin America, and build upon his brother’s rancid legacy of war and torture and criminality.

“I kinda know how a Republican can win,” Jeb Bush told, with a knowing wink and that trademark Bush clan smirk. Don't forget who was governor of Florida in 2000.

Longtime Bush friend and George W.’s vice president, the great ghoul Dick Cheney, said on Meet the Press this week that he is entirely comfortable with torture techniques used at black sites, which are part of America’s international gulag network of secret prisons. It is in these “black sites,” where nameless individuals, tagged as “enemy combatants,” are made to simply disappear, as was the tradition in Latin American dictatorships and fascist governments around the globe. Look at Ukraine! Look at George W. Bush’s attempted to coup to topple democratically-elected Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. I guarantee you that Jeb Bush would set his sights on oil-rich Venezuela and the Maduro government.

With the U.S. (and it’s allies like Australia) continually poking the hornet’s nest in the Muslim world, scenes like those we saw in Sydney this week should come as no surprise. A Jeb Bush presidency would use a Sydney siege moment domestically as the perfect excuse to further crack down on what is left of our seriously eroded constitutional rights.

Naturally, the Chuck Todds of America’s lapdog media won’t pin Jeb Bush down on his secret role in the Iran-Contra scandal. After all, Cheney ate Todd for lunch and reminded the world that torture is a-ok and that he'd "do it again in a minute." Would Jeb Bush go that far? Look what Daniel Hopsicker has uncovered. I think the Magic 8 Ball points to "Yes!"

What did Jeb Bush know about CIA cocaine shipments into the U.S. in the 1980’s and Oliver North’s role in that and supplying arms to Contra rebels in Nicaragua?

But back to 2014 ... with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on the left and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on the right - will they be seen as "too radical" for mushy-middle America? Jeb will look better and better, no thanks to the Frank Bruni types of the news world. And the Birchers? Well, the whole Bush family is seen as demonic entities from the underworld by that group, if this New American article is any indication. Things are gonna get interesting.

And that takes us to Jeb Bush’s likely Democratic (read: corporate-backed, oligarchical “party”) opponent, the haggard Hillary Clinton. Back in 2008, we warned then-presidential candidate Barack Obama to be wary of Hillary and her network of lackeys, shills and dupes. Jeb, of course, is well-aware of many skeletons in Hillary’s Kardashian-sized closet.

So, a Bush vs. Clinton battle in our future? Wall Street wins either way. We sooo have not gotten over the 20th century, even though we’re 15 years into a new one. Such a sad statement. 

More on that soon! 

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